Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Weekend Last Fall: Lincoln Memorial

It was unseasonably warm that Saturday. We drove the long way to the zoo and looked at a DC neighborhood we thought might be affordable and safe (but it really is not either one).
We ate at a Burger King, in the booth made into a car.
We stopped at the Lincoln Memorial on the way home. It went from grey and windy to a sudden downpour. Will and I waited while you ran with Andrew for the car. We all got absolutely soaked. Will and I followed Andrew's lead on the ride-home outfit and I just hoped we didn't get stopped. We picked up Katie on the way out of town.

I think the boys already look older now than they did in these photos.

I am so glad we didn't forget our camera that day.


Momo Cannon said...

What happy memories. Days like this bring smiles forever. Love, Momo

Tat said...

I love our nation's capital.