Thursday, February 26, 2009

Conversations with Will

Will has learned a new word. He looked me straight in the eye with his huge round blues in his little narrow face and said, "Tube," clutching at the tube coming from his nose. Then, "Nose." This was shortly followed by, "Dadda," and rounded off with "In." He may have been speaking the way I communicated as a missionary in Chile, but he got his point across. Yes, Will, Daddy jams a tube up your nose and down your throat.

Oh, when I got in his face to take this photo this morning he looked at me and said, "cheese!"

Andrew is still sick and Will is coughing, too, but they are on the mend and I think I will take them to the park anyway. 60 degrees can only be salubrious.


Michelle said...

he is so dang sweet!

Tat said...

I want to eat his face. Also points for use of the word "salubrious."

Momo Cannon said...

I have never seen eyes like Will's. What a great kid! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love, Momo