Friday, February 20, 2009

In January, for the price of a small piece of furniture, Brig took Andrew to Monstor Jam at the Verizon Center.
Andrew wanted to drive there in the Suburban, a vehicle worthy of its own post. We convinced him that it was too big to park, a reason that appealed to Andrew.
Monstor Jam was a nice opportunity for Brig and Andrew to spend some father-son time together,
to introduce Andrew to new Monstor Truck characters with less offensive names (like Superman, as opposed to Gravedigger, pictured at top),
and lessen Andrew's obsession wih the trucks by scaring him just a little bit.
As a side note, Andrew's haircut was perfect for the occassion.


Katie Cannon said...

Oh that makes me so excited that Andrew got to go. How fun. "IT'S THE MOVE OF THE NIGHT!" I miss that. I remember a time I was locked out of the house I went to the back door. it as locked, but Andrew was there watching Monster Trucks. I pounded on the window for Andrew to come open the door. He just turned to look at me and then continued watching the show. I always thought that was so funny.

Momo Cannon said...

What a memorable thing to do for Brigham and Andrew. I think it was great to go and I love the pictures!

Tara, Doug, and Isaac said...

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