Sunday, February 01, 2009

December 12, Puddle Jumping

Will was desperate to wear rain boots like Andrew. Luckily, they were where I could find them.
Will wanted to run through, and initially was thrilled. When I caught a photo of him, though, it was after he touched the water with his hand. He didn't like that much for some reason.

I could barely drag Andrew back inside. December in Virginia.


Michelle said...

those are the cutest pictures. I clicked on that adorable picture of Will in his boots, and Mike yelled from the couch "Is that Wilbur?" He also thought the picture was very very cute. He just loves him! Thanks for the call yesterday. Let's play this week! The days I have the car look a little crazy...I'm working tomorrow, and have a dr. appt wednesday afternoon...but if you guys want to come up Tuesday, we will be here. oh wait...that's the day of the storm...maybe not. we'll figure something out! love ya!

Carolina said...

These are adorable. Alex and I could use a good puddle jumping session. Hopefully the snow will melt soon.

Momo Cannon said...

What sweethearts! They are my valentines for sure. Love, Momo

Kimmie said...

Im way behind the times and just checked up again on your blog. Such a cute family you have.
P.S I guess im in the dark as to why your little guy has an NG?? Just poor growth, or is there an underlying condition. Glad he's getting the nutrition he needs at least. I rememebr the NG days well, as long as they don't pull it out it's kind of stress free feeding!