Friday, November 14, 2008


Ok, I will admit that I really love watching tv. I just do. A good tv show brings me a very real sense of well-being. I even feel an emotional bond with my favorite shows, and sometimes I find myself thinking about the characters as if they were people I really know. Because they are.

I also associate books and programs with the time in my life during which I read or viewed. Since I always view the past much more rosily than the present, this nostalgia is always positive. Scrubs will bring me back to the winter of 2006, living in a large pink Victorian house in McLean (we were house-sitting) where I made crock-pot pot roast every day and Andrew was just toddling around in sweater vests, too little to really appreciate the playground equipment in the backyard. I really could go on and on, but I will save that for some other time.

I just wanted to say that we are sort of in between tv obsessions right now. Since we--and I think we are viewing geniuses for this--watch shows years after they have aired, we can get through the entire run in a short burst of joyful speed. We watched a few seasons of Alias and 24 this way, on our laptop, while we fixed up our first home in 2004 (before those series got weird and boring).

We have seen all the Malcom in the Middles, all of Arrested Development (and the last season is so dumb), all of Scrubs (though I re-watch just for old times' sake). Law and Order is cranking out some new ones, but I still miss Claire and the ADA that followed her (I can't believe I am blanking! Her daughter is Katie. And I have never recovered from the loss of Adam Schiff.)

We have settled on House for now, though it has not been as fulfilling as our other programs. It does have funny moments, but I do wish the constant analysis of the subconscious thoughts and motives of the characters by the other characters would at least be slightly less frequent.

Tonight we watched a mediocre House and I pointed out the shortcomings of the show for me. Brigham added, "House would be a lot more realistic if someone would just punch House in the face every once in a while."

I thought that was blog-worthy. So, too, a request for tv programs we can bond over. Our relationship might need it.


terrah said...

Hmm. I really love NCIS. Kevin and I discovered it last year and I think it's even better than Law and Order because it's funny too. I also like Numb3rs and although ER has been disappointing, the last season is shaping up well. We have also laughed a LOT at Samantha Who when watching most of the episodes.

I'm also a big Wheel of Fortune fan, which makes me feel a bit elderly, but I don't think they have those on DVD!

Monica Merced Rich said...

I know we are way late in the game discovering this and, like most of America (or at least the part of America I've excitedly asked, "Have you seen this? It's such a great show!") you will probably roll your eyes, shake your head and say, "Oh, Monica. Have you been living under a rock?", we have been plugging our way through the seven seasons of The West Wing. It has to be the best TV ever written. Ever. We just finished season 5 . I'm so attached to C.J and Toby and Leo, I'm in denial that they aren't actually running the country and I once thought they were talking about Pres. Bartlett on NPR.

Tiana said...

I love Pushing Daisies. I haven't found anyone else who watches it, and it is on when CJ is at hi weekly b-ball (so he never watches it), but I never miss it. It is quirky, funny, and refreshingly clean (or should I say cleaner then most other primetime shows). The style is funny, and the dialogue is quick. I think you will either like it or hate it. Tell me what you think.

Mer Swift said...

I've also heard that Pushing Daises is good. I admit that I also feel emotionally connected to characters and that they have a role in my life. Like I seriously feel like I know Jim Halpert. Ridiculous. I, embarassingly enough, have gotten into Gossip Girl. It really is a ridiculous show, but I think it's the outrageousness of it all that I find so appealing. makes me laugh.

Tat said...

Micah and I watch Bones. It's in its fourth season now, and this year the episodes have been really hit-and-miss, but the second season was great. It's also not quite as serious/dark as, say, CSI or Law and Order, which are good shows, but sometimes give me nightmares. Bones is just a fun romp.

Bee said...

It's Bri again.

I don't have any suggestions, but I would like to say that Brig is funny and you're one. snappy. writer.


Lyndsay said...

I mourned the end of Gilmore Girls--but you can rent/buy all seven seasons. It seems to be a divisive show (love it or hate it), but we're both in the love it camp. Erik went from making fun of me whenever I watched it to wearing a I [heart] Huntzburger (sp) shirt (you'll understand this reference if you make it through most of the seasons.
We're also big fans of Ace of Cakes on the Food Network and I love What Not to Wear on TLC.
I had a client recommend Boston Legal, but I can't vouch for it personally.
Oh yes, and Flight of the Conchords is a hilarious, quirky show.

Nana said...
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The Hammonds said...

A question, then a suggestion. My question: What period of time does the Golden Girls remind you of? (I know an answer.) And my suggestion: I know it doesn't go along with your crime/hospital drama tastes, but I LOVED American Dreams. No longer on the air, and I don't know if it is on DVD, but you may want to give it a try.

katie said...

The name of the ADA we like on Law and Order is Jamie. I will never forget.