Sunday, November 09, 2008

Baby #2 gets his 1st Birthday Party, Finally

Will with his cupcake. He was mad because I removed the football candle-toothpick.

First, I made a cake (that I ripped off from my friend Ashley.)

We gathered with my family at my parent's house and sang.

Then we had the blowing out of the Candle. Will loves blowing out candles, has been practicing this for weeks, and did it all by himself.

Finally, we let them eat cake.

We can pretend that it was Will's first cake ever.

Andrew looks really funny here, so I thought it was worth including. He was very concerned about Will's presents and wanted to go to the store immediately when I told him that Will did not have any.

Will's age progression, 2 and 30 years from now. We love you, Baby!


Tat said...

Happy Birthday party, Will! What a cute cake, btw.

Momo Cannon said...

I'm glad Will finally got his party. I read that 2nd children get something like 4,000 less hours of time spent on them than first children -- does anyone really doubt this? Somehow it all works out fine. We love cute William! Momo

Momo Cannon said...

By the way, I think my baby (Brigham) is pretty cute, too! Love you Brigham.

Ashley said...

Thanks for the shout-out about the cake. Yours was darling! I actually wanted to copy your dump-truck and "dirt" cake from last year but I didn't know how, hence the cars and street cake. Funny. It is so uncanny how much your boys look like Brigham when he was a baby!

Michelle said...

those pictures are so cute! and the halloween pics are also very adorable. love you! let's get together soon. I mean it! I still have your birthday present!

Ie Li said...

Happy belated birthday, Will!

Alexandra, I'm very impressed with your cake. I have yet to attempt such a feat.