Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Flashback to July

On a walk with Alyson Crook Yoder and her little girl. The kids had a wonderful time running around on the trails. Except when Andrew refused to move away from the rock-throwing and I wished I had a backpack to stuff him in and haul him away.

This was the day before our dog fell sick with whatever it was that ended up killing her. I felt guilty this day for not bringing her on the hike, but also felt trapped by the fact that I had to return early to let her out and care for her. I felt really guilty a few days later for begrudging her my schedule.

The kids dressed up in animal suits and played around inside the little facility.

We will have to go back this winter as the weather gets too cold for being outside for too long.

This was only a few months ago, but already both Andrew and Will have changed and are no longer the same little boys.

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Tat said...

That's maybe the cutest killer whale I've ever seen.