Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I love how Will looks here. Those are my favorite pjs of his. They are so snuggly and warm, which is important to me bc I end up snuggled next to them from about 1am on. And Andrew looks just like Brig did when he was little in a particular photo taken in front of his home with a backpack on. Do you remember this one, Momo?

After the bath, the boys gather naked either in my room on the bed or in Andrew's room. They jump on the bed in various stanges of dress and get really wound up.

We let them play around and compete. Brigham tries to be involved with whatever energy he has. Usually he lays on the floor when not called upon to dress, clean, retrieve and read.

I take Will and depart and Brig stays with Andrew. Andrew will see one of us again in a few hours in our nightly crusade to prevent him from wetting the bed.

The routine is harder, but gets completed faster on the nights when Brig is not around to help. I guess my desperation is more intense to get them to bed.


Monica Merced Rich said...

Ooh...where did you get that library-like book case? I love it.

Alexandra said...

It is Pottery barn kids. I got it second-hand, though. I would assume they still carry it in stores bc it is so cute, but I am not sure.

Joseph said...

Oh, how I remember those bedtime routines! They are so important and the payoffs will come. Love, Momo