Sunday, November 09, 2008

Halloween Festivus

After my typical combination of worrying and inaction, Andrew wore the same Halloween costume as he did last year (size 18-24 months) and Will wore a wolf suit we picked up at Costco when the plan was still for us to be a family of wolves and a Mom Red Riding Hood.

We started out on Embassy Row in DC, where the embassies provide candy to hordes of college age adults and a few kids. We did what we could for the GoP. It was Andrew's idea: he wanted the sticker on his back, even if he did sometimes tell me I should vote for Obama.

Andrew flapped his wings whenever anyone paid any attention to him. It was completely precious and hysterical. He did it with a solemn face, but he loved the attention. I loved his wedgie.

We ran into our wonderful friend Jackie and her little kids. It made me nostalgic for Halloween of '07. Our kids were so different then, and Will was not even born until all the festivities but Halloween itself were over.

Even though Andrew was a bit sick, I knew that candy was definitely the best medicine.

Then we wrapped ourselves in tin foil and went to Chipotle Grill in our old neighborhood in NW. We each got a free meal (tin foil costume promotion). Andrew and Jessie bonded.

We spent our second Halloween trick or treating in my favorite neighborhood in the world (perhaps I am not well-travelled): Macomb St in Cleveland Park. My dad grew up on Ross Pl, a little cul-de-sac in the middle of Macomb. We got a photo of us on his old front porch. The new owners weren't home, but when we tried the door we found that it was not locked! We went in and wandered around, reminiscing. just kidding.

I have better photos, but they are on Katie's camera.

The candy from that night is gone now, but the house envy our evening on Macomb St inspired in me has yet to completely subside.

I felt like the character Emily in Our Town, only I would be addressing the residents of Cleveland Park from my townhouse development in Oakton rather than my family from beyond my grave. The sentiment is the same: "Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it? Every, every minute?"

Thus passed our Halloween '08, walking my Dad's old haunt from 1954 and my old wistful stomping grounds from last year. And my little bunnies keep getting bigger. How many more Halloweens will I get to spend this way?

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Momo Cannon said...

I loved seeing the dragonfly and wolf on Halloween. What a fun memory. Love you all, Momo