Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Nationals Game in August

My parents' neighbors gave us some excellent (partner at a major law firm-style) tickets to the Nationals game. I wish I liked such things, bc I am sure they are so much fun, but I just don't. Brigham took Andrew and we offered the other tickets to my old friend Carey for her husband and son. Obviously, they came.

Also obviously Andrew loves Taylor. He talks about him all the time even if he has not seen his favorite older friend for weeks. His favorite joke remains, "Chicken with pink underwear!" a remark Taylor made back in Feb or March '08 when I was babysitting. Andrew even copies the intonation. Though it makes no sense out of context (or in context), it is Andrew's ice breaker with other kids.

I hope and anticipate that my kids will be friends with these little Cannons for their entire childhoods and beyond.

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Monica Merced Rich said...

Do you remember when we bought season tickets to the BYU football games Freshman year, under pressure from Jenny, Anita & Angela (among others)? I remember us bringing books to read and leaving at halftime. I think I might have fallen asleep once. I guess not has much changed in the sporting department for either of us.