Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Andrew's Hero

Thursday the cable guy came to hook our apartment up to high speed internet. It was love at first sight for Andrew. Fortunately, Will was asleep for much of it so I could facilitate Andrew's obsession with the installation guy.

First we stared at him through a small window while he fiddled with some sort of wiring box in the apartment building's stairwell.

Then Andrew followed him as closely as was physically possible and tried to hammer, with his own baby hammer, exactly the same spots as the installation man was hammering (putting up the cable).

Andrew engaged the man in engrossing conversation:

"Guy, what you doing?"

"I'm installing cable."

"Guy, what you fixing?"


"What you fixing?"


"Where's you hammer?"

Then the guy, who had learned what Andrew's next question was sure to be, took the initiative: "What's your name?"
"Andrew Cannon." Then Andrew took the controls again: "Guy, we like Bob a Builder!"

The only real deviation from this conversation took place when the man asked to use our bathroom and Andrew chimed in with some commentary on what the guy was putting in the potty. I hope the man did not hear him. Andrew's enthusiasm for the cable installer and for the act of installing the cable did not ebb, and he literally was underfoot basically the entire time the man was working. The cable guy was good natured about it, even claiming to enjoy Andrew's interference. I finally got Andrew to address the man as "sir" by the end of the installation process. If only Andrew would be this thrilled when his dad comes home from work.


Sister Abigail Cannon said...

I laughed at the whole situation. Thanks for sharing. Momo

Monica Merced Rich said...

Ok -- that was really, really cute. Kids are so fearless, aren't they?

Dan and Hilary said...

That is ADORABLE!!! I love how Andrew was squeezing his way into anything Mr. Cable Guy was doing. What a fun little boy!

Jeremy and Sara Smith said...

That's just awesome! And the cable guy was sweet as well. I agree w/ Hilary - I loved how Andrew squeezed his way into everything! Hilarious!!!!

Paul & Sarah said...

What a funny kid! It love to hear all your stories and how his big boy personality is developing.
Also that's great that you got cable! That must be nice.