Friday, January 25, 2008

The Last 48

Here are some photos taken in the last 48 hours of Andrew and Will. They are both transforming before my eyes. Andrew is turning into such a chatterbox big boy, and Will is unfolding like a tiny rosebud.

Andrew helping me make waffles at my parents' house. At the moment this shot was taken, he was saying "Wow, amazing!" as he watched the mix spill down from the cup.

Andrew and Will on the bed. Notice they are holding hands, and you may not be able to tell, but Will was smiling at Andrew. Andrew put Will in his lap himself.

Andrew made his first emergency visit to the doctor's office today after he slipped off the piano bench from a standing position. He cut his chin and the inside of his bottom lip pretty badly. He was brave, even though he insisted that "Andrew not brave." I guess he knew that he was not feeling very brave even if he acted so.


Jacqueline Auna & family said...

Oh, I'm glad he's okay! I hate when the kids bonk their heads - it's so scary. I pretty much freak out. So good that Brigham was there to hold and comfort him! (He's been out of town right?) I love those pictures of Andrew and Will holding hands - what sweet babies you have.

Jacqueline Auna & family said...

Did he have to get stiches or anything?

Tat said...

Last Easter, James cut his eyelid falling off Micah's sister's swingset. We had to drive him to the InstaCare and get his eyelid glued back together, which was not fun at all. Micah had to hold him still while the doctor fixed him up, so James was wrapped up in this blanket and pinned down. He looked like a screaming burrito.

Paul & Sarah said...

Poor Andrew! I'm glad he's ok. What a wonderful little boy he is. He's really bright, but then, that doesn't surprise me considering his parents!
So is it just me, or do the two boys look a lot alike in the picture where Andrew is holding Will?

Michelle said...

I love the pictures of your two little guys. I'm glad Andrew is doing okay. Poor guy. I am just waiting for Damon's first stitches. I know its inevitable.

Mer Swift said...

I love the expressions of little kids. I can just hear Andrew saying "Wow! Amazing!" The pics are really cute. How fun to have two little boys.