Saturday, January 12, 2008

Prince William the Perfect: 2 month achievements

Baby Will is the type of baby I never believed really existed. When he is tired, I lay him in his crib with his pacifier and he goes to sleep. When I am tired, I lay him in his crib with his pacifier and he goes to sleep. At night, he typically sleeps from midnight until 7. Thank you, Baby Will.

Will is tough. He can roll over from front to back. He pushes himself way up high and then falls onto his side. He first did this to celebrate his 2 month birthday. He also takes some tough love from Andrew without shedding a tear (except for the one time A b-slapped him, but that was awhile ago, when Will was much younger than he is now.)

Will is friendly. We like to look at each other and smile. Pretty soon after we exchange some smiles, he starts talking and singing. When I talk and sing back, he smiles even more. He has also started laughing. The sound was so loud that I initially thought he was about to cry, but his big baby smile dispelled my fears. Even though he has had a hacking cough the last week, he is still happy and playful.

Will tolerates being put down to look at his little striped zebra, or placed in his little seat so that I can attend to Andrew or other things for what seems to me to be quite a long time. I guess my perspective on this has been skewed by Andrew, who cried the moment his back touched any surface that was not human.

But his easy-going nature seemed so unnatural to me that I began to worry. "Brigham, to you think there is something wrong with Will?" His answer sums up our feelings about our new baby: "No, I think there is something awesome with Will."

Andrew has also come around on his feelings for Will. "We best friends." "Don't cry, baby, Andrew's here!" "Mommy, help my baby!" (this was said angrily, as if I were neglecting a very important duty) "My baby's happy!" "Baby Will I love you so much" or, racing around the downstairs of my parents' home in a semi-panic while I was upstairs soothing a crying Will, "Oh no, my baby's crying!"

Heart-stopping Andrew-Will interaction of the week: I left Will lying on the couch with Andrew cooing to him so I could grab a baby hat off the other end of the dining table. Not a far distance, but anything can happen in an instant, which was my immediate thought when I turned my back to get the hat. I turned back around only to see Andrew, still standing next to the couch, with baby Will in his arms. That apartment is almost 100 years old, but I don't think anyone has moved across its old floors as quickly as I did when I saw that. Don't worry, Momo, no harm done. And lesson learned.


Paul & Sarah said...

Wow, he does sound perfect! But if anyone deserves the perfect baby, you two do. We wish we could hear his laugh. It sounds like he is growing up so fast! I also love what an attentive and sweet older brother he has! They really will be good buddies growing up, and I'm sure Will will just go along with whatever big ideas Andrew has. Cute picture, by the way!

Christensens said...

Yes, where do I apply for a perfect baby? I really feel like I deserve one after James - who is wonderful, but as the nursery leaders put today, "the most busy little boy" they've ever seen. Yeah, they had to take him out of nursery and walk him around outside for the duration of the block today.

Ashley said...

What a little sweetheart! I really want one of those this time around! I am scared for the "help" Charlie will be rendering. YIKES!

Troy and Nancee said...

Will does sound like the perfect baby. I didn't believe they existed either. I can't complain about Erica, but she has her challenges. They just get more and more fun.

Sister Abigail Cannon said...

I have hope for Will's eyelashes! They look pretty long in the picture. Thank you for writing these accounts of my precious grandson's little lives. Also thank you for the pictures on my phone. It makes my day! Love to you all. Momo

Todd and Juliana said...

You are so lucky! I love to know that there is hope for us to have good babies like that! Your husband sounds like a great guy with a fun sense of humor! I'd love to see you guys!