Friday, January 25, 2008

Will Has a Big Boy Face (and Andrew a big boy vocab)

*i wrote this entry last week but didnt post it bc i was having trouble putting the photos on. because i am really really dumb.

I think William looks a lot like his father and a lot like his brother. Mainly, though, he looks a lot like an adult. If I am at my parents' and someone asks me where Will is, instead of telling them he is taking a nap, which is obviously what he must be doing, I say that I don't know, he said he was going to go for a walk or wanted pick something up from the store. I have been telling this sort of joke, exclusively for my own benefit, since Andrew was born (and wore tiny footed pants with a back pocket for his wallet) but it is even funnier to me now because Will's face is so mature. My friend's husband commented that he expected Will to just start talking to him and telling him about his day. I have better photos of him showing his big happy smile, but this is all I had available on my computer.

A quick update on Will's bogus right-ear deafness diagnosis: Will and I went to the audiologist's office at Georgetown U Hospital for a re-check of Will's right ear, which had failed two previous tests. This exam was supposed to be much more invasive and would take over an hour to conduct. They wanted to put him under. I felt really uncomfortable with this, and I also doubted that there was anything wrong. It is common for newborns to fail, and the second test was conducted in the dr's office with equipment that she said was not reliable for newborns (and she refused to have the tech conduct the test on his left ear to find out whether the failure was due to a mechanical flaw or a real problem with his ear.) Plus, it was obvious that Will can hear. Anyway, this latest exam, however, indicated that his right ear was fine while his left ear failed. Long story short: Will is almost certainly of perfect hearing in both ears and his left ear has some fluid left over from his recent cold. I want my ridiculous parking fee back. I think I am never going to a city hospital again, btw; it is too much of a pain to fight traffic and other drivers for a parking space.

Andrew's quotes of the day:

When he heard me repeating to my sister a cute and funny comment he made: "Mommy, don't laugh at Andrew's voice." He also now tells me not to laugh, it's not funny, when I am either laughing at something cute he has said or smiling when he is throwing some sort of tantrum or otherwise displaying anger.

"I mean it!" and "Darn it!" and the combo: "I want to read this book, darn it. I mean it!" I am so so glad that I decided to eliminate hell and damn from my vocabulary when Andrew was born.

Bidding Papa goodnight after staying at their home that afternoon while I took Will for his hearing test: "Goodnight, Papa, I love you. Thank you so much for playing with me." They had played with a balloon for a really long time. His comment was 100% unprompted. Who knew that Andrew knew to feel appreciative?


Tat said...

I'm still working on my horrible potty mouth. I have managed to keep the sailor talk to mutterings under my breath, so all James has picked up from me so far has been "oh, shoot." Your Andrew is delightful.

Paul & Sarah said...

Will has beautiful dark blue eyes! Thanks for posting these pictures. It is fun to see him grow up. He really does look like an old man. But so did Benjamin. Actually, he mostly got compared to his grandpa Joe a lot by those who knew him.
Oh, so I'm coming out with Benjamin on April 11th through the 22nd. My friend is getting married out there and my sister Rachel will come during the end of our trip. So we'll have to get the boys together during that week!

Alexandra said...

Sarah, I am so happy you are coming for a visit. Please reserve some time to hang out iwth me!!! Andrew was talking about Benjamin the other week when, at a play group, there was a baby with lots of curly red hair. Very cute.