Friday, February 01, 2008

A Day In The Life

Momo, we love you and miss you. Please come back. This post is for you.

7:45--I am awakened from my Nytol-laced sleep by Will fussing. In the living room I discover Zombie Andrew in pjs in front of the tv, head slightly cocked to one side, with a look on his face that I can only describe as haunting in its impression of a mental disability. Thoughts of ADHD flood my brain. He is sitting in his lion chair. In front of him is his red tray with a single slice of bread on it. "Hi, Mommy. Daddy went a work." No more Nytol for me.

Andrew placed this car on Will and got upset if I tried to remove it.

9am--everyone is dressed and fed. Will is back down. Andrew and I polish all the wood in the house. He sprays and we both wipe. "Mommy, I doing such a good job!"

10--craft time. We make rockets ("like Owen's!" I wish). Andrew's has stairs and a paper guy. He learns the word astronaut. I consider going to the Air and Space. Too much work.

11:15--Woodley Playground. Disappointment upon discovering that the playground has been plundered of all sand/dirtbox toys. Make due with swings and slide. A stylish grandmother of twin boys (15 mo) in identical hundred dollar outfits informs me that she cares for the twins bc her daughter "has an extremely important job" and she herself is "a child care specialist." ("Well, I just wrote an award-winning play, so I'm not sweating it, either.") I wait for her to ask me how much money is in my checking account. Then she guesses that Andrew is not yet 2 and spends the rest of the time talking on her cell. Andrew doesn't want the toddlers touching his stroller, where his baby is sleeping. "No, OUR baby!"

12:30--Cleveland Park Library. Andrew is trying to knock a display book to the ground to express his rage that we are there instead of at "a park with hoops, soccer balls, cars." Second wave of guilt over bad mothering. Book mission aborted; lunch quest begun.

12:45--Connecticut Ave watching road construction

1:00--7-11 for a "black donought" and a banana. Andrew pays. A stranger helps me push my stroller through the almost too-tight door of my building.

3:00--lunch eaten, an hour of books lulls me to sleep mid-read. Andrew is totally unaffected. I try to impose some quiet time, leaving A alone. He later comes running up to me in the computer room very proud: "Mommy, come look what I doing!" In his room on the floor are a bunch of cut up pieces of paper, left over from our morning craft, and my cutting shears. Big sharp shears. "Don't worry, Mommy, I being so careful." We cut for over an hour (with kid scissors)and try to make shapes. Will joins us.

5:30--Andrew plays with cars in water aka Bath time. Will is up, so making dinner plus bathing = poor execution of both. Andrew requests dinner in tub, is obliged. Operation Starve Him Till He Eats a Real Meal is successful. (Yes, Dino Bites with ketchup and black beans do constitute a real meal.)

6:37: Brigham arrives. Andrew is removed from the tub and dressed.

7:00-- Will's down for the night. B and I eat tuna casserole, Andrew eats dessert
Family prayer, kneeling in A's room. Group hug afterwards. "We a team!"
Books read while all three of us share a twin bed. I am reminded of how violent and possibly inappropriate Five Chinese Brothers is. Cutting heads off, burning at the stake: its straight out of an unfortunate Sunday School lesson.
"Goodnight, Daddy. Stay, Mommy." A few verses of As I Have Loved you combined with some back tickles and Andrew succumbs.

7:45--Brig and I watch Malcom in the Middle and eat seconds. We are off duty until the midnight awakening that we know is inevitable. We once again fail to heed the warnings of experience and don't turn in until 11.


Jessica said...

I read Five Chinese Brothers as a child and I am nearly positive it wasn't scarring... if that helps.

Monica Merced Rich said...

I'm amazed at home many outings you do in the winter. That's fantastic. I feel like my kids haven't seen trees (except through a window of our 4th floor apt.) since October. Ok, that's probably an exaggeration, but I still feel bad I haven't been bringing them out much. Your post made me want to try it this week. Maybe we'll get lucky and it will be warm. 42 fees down right balmy this time of year.

Monica Merced Rich said...

I also can't spell. That was supposed to e "how many", not "home many". My excuse is spending the night in the hospital with Grace.

Monica Merced Rich said...

...and "feels", not "fees".


Jenny said...

i loved this description of your day! those boys are lucky to have such a great mother. by the way, malcolm in the middle is one of our favorite shows--hilarious. it's so crazy and outrageous, but at the same time it's one of the most true to life shows out there.

Michelle said...

girl - you are - once again - one of the funniest people I know. You are also one amazing mom who does so many things with her kids. I really have a lot to work on. Sorry the Wizards game didn't work out last night for the guys...but I'm glad Brig and Andrew were home with you!

Jacqueline Auna & family said...

My dad would tell us that story too! Obviously he knew what you knew about "thrilling" stories. I loved it. I thought it was a cultural experience and thought maybe those things could only happen in China. : ) As I read this, I'm amazed at all you do with your kids! Amazed but not surprised, because I always knew you were a fabulous mom in spite of your self-deprrcating humor. I am reminded in all the ways I should be a better mom. Thanks for making me laugh and inspiring me!

Sister Abigail Cannon said...

This is Momo. I really miss you all and so enjoyed the description of your day. You have a lot of energy to have attempted and accomplished so much. I just love that Andrew is able to give words to his sweet little spirit. He is such a helpful boy and wish that we could see Will's big blue eyes (and developing eyelashes) up close. Thank you for your great mothering of my sweet grandboys. Love, Momo

Paul & Sarah said...

It was great to hear about your day! Living in the city sounds like fun from your description. I wish we could just walk to the park!

Audrey said...

Your site is my new comic relief. The best part is that you put into words my life. That post describes my day just about every day, but somehow yours is much more funny! Thanks for the additional perspective!
PS Don't you love it when they run to you in the computer room to show you the new skill they gained while you thought they were napping!! (sharp scissor skills:)

Jessica said...

I'm so glad Brigham enjoyed our honeymoon story. I figure it will give us good comic material for the rest of our lives. And I'm sure we probably spoke at least once or twice... he was on trial ad, right?

Hopefully we'll get some good stories this year that don't involve hospital visits.

jlohran said...

What up BQC and Alexandra? Jami and I were blog hopping and we came across your site. I cant believe how much Andrew looks like a Cannon! Check out our blog when you get a chance.
I feel like we have just caught up but it still has been too long.

melissa said...

Wow, your baby is getting so big! He's adorable! Audrey sure has fun with you. I wished I lived nearer to you too!

Mandi said...

What a cute post -- so what motherhood is! I was surprised to see your comment on my blog and so I looked up yours. I have the worst memory in the world so I have to ask you if you were in Pichilemu before I went there? I think you were there and then I arrived there to train and you left very good notes, etc for us so thank you (if that's who you are).

lynne said...

you are such a good mom. isn't it funny how EVERY choice leads to guilt about not doing something else? I totally relate.