Thursday, February 28, 2008

Keeping it Real

Andrew likes to keep it real. His world is broken down into the Real v. General. If I offer him something in the general category, but not the specific 'brand,' he will refuse and ask me to give him a "Real X."

For example, there are cookies and then there are Real Cookies

There is milk, and then there is Real Milk

Real Cars

(A Real car is one with doors that open. He will play with all cars, but these are the only ones that are Real.)

He has an opinion about what is Real about basically everything in his life, including playgrounds (must have big plastic cars to drive around), books (whatever book his is into at the moment--right now Bedtime for Francis), and food (black beans, hotdogs, pizza generally make this cut.)

He is also sick right now, but not Real sick. I started to panic last night that he could have leukemia. I know this sounds crazy in the light of day, and now that his fever is gone. I guess I am like Miss Tabitha Twitchit ("an anxious parent") when it comes to illness. But in my defense, it was the pediatrician who put it into my head! His blood test today, for which he was very brave, will lay to rest all remaining concerns, I am sure.

Unfortunately, his happy mood from this morning is only just now returning after my betrayal at the lab. He entered the building asking me in a happy little voice, "What we doing here?" I hedged. He was friendly to the other waiting patients and even made small talk with the nurse: "This is our baby. His name Baby William. I can draw a picture please."

The first nurse put the needle in his arm but not in a vein. Then she moved and wiggled it around in his arm but not into a vein. I was so mad at her (but I am practicing being classy so I showed no indication). Andrew was not crying or anything at this point, but after 2 minutes of wiggling, he finally succumbed. They had to do the other arm. Luckily, another nurse came in and got it in on the first try. Andrew was crying (so was Will, but he was stashed in his car seat, poor thing) but everyone was tear free by the time we got in the car.

No fever, so no nap today, real or otherwise. I'm just glad he's on the mend.


Ashley said...

Andrew is right about the Real cookies. Sorry to hear about the lab--I HATE it when 2 little boys cry at once!

Celia Fae said...

Hi. Six whole days ago you left a super nice comment on my blog about how you liked my writing. I am flattered and pleased and that comment warmed the cockles of my soul. Thanks for leaving it.

Keep it Real.

Carolina said...

You have no idea how many times I have sat up in the middle of the night wondering if Alex has a terrible disease, or if he is autistic, or if I have cancer, or if I am going crazy for thinking I have cancer. I am always thankful when the sun comes up and awakens the voice of reason.

By the way, I too was obsessed with all things "real" when I was a kid. My mom says that I once asked her "to take off her mask." I was just checking to make sure she was my real mother and not someone else (maybe an extraterrestrial) dressed up like my mom. Hopefully, Andrew's obsession won't venture into the paranormal.

Sister Abigail Cannon said...

We are praying that you all will get healthy. I am so proud of Andrew. He is such a little man. Momo

Audrey said...

I took O and W to have their blood drawn because I was afraid they had lead poisoning. You should have seen us with two boys getting blood drawn at the same visit!! I have a slightly overactive reaction anytime they are sick. I always start imagining the worst. Luckily S tells me just to calm down and talks me out of my worst fears. We hope Andrew is better soon! O is sick still too. Maybe they can have a sick play date:)

Paul & Sarah said...

I'm sorry Andrew has been so sick. I can totally relate to irrational paranoias in the middle of the night. Luckily Paul usually acts as a voice of reason during these times.
I'm really impressed by his bravery (and also good nature and charms in the doctor's office), as well as your bravery not to yell at the nurse. You ARE very classy!