Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Daily Miracles

1. Both my children are asleep right now. Sure, Andrew is sick, which is why is he is sleeping, but I will take it. The fact that I put Will down wide awake (but sleepy), gave him a pacifier, and checked on my silent baby 5 minutes later only to discover that he was asleep makes up for any lack in the Andrew Sleep Miracle. That Will regularly behaves this way ensures that I will never doubt that Heavenly Father knows me personally and is trying to make things up to me. :)

2. Andrew sleeps through the night. Every night.

3. Andrew falls asleep on his own. No more hours and hours of trying to wear him out or having to sing or lay with him. Three books, a prayer, whispering about our day and then Goodnight, Mommy. I knew this day would come eventually (like by the time he was in high school) but I began to have serious doubts and concerns about when. Oh, and last night he whispered, "Mommy, I love playing Dump with you." I thought it was very sweet.

4. Andrew was the most perfectly polite and charming boy yesterday. All day. He often is wonderfully behaved, but yesterday was surreal. Ask my parents. It was as if I possessed his body and tried to show off. Today he has been grumpy. But I am counting yesterday's miracle.

5. I got to nap a bit today. I told Andrew that I was sick and needed to rest, so I lay in his bed. He decided to play next to me and the next thing I knew, he was asleep, too. Of course, Will then woke up, so my nap was brief, but it took place.

6. Brigham made dinner last night. Real dinner: Barney Balls. We have tons in the fridge so I am eating that today instead of Oreos, my usual diet.

7. Someone sent us a package. I don't know who yet, since we haven't been down to pick it up, but we got a notice in our mailbox last night that we have one waiting.

8. Someone mailed me a thank you note. Other people don't find such things miraculous, but I am horrible about mailing things, so if you ever get something from me by post you know that my father was somehow involved. And when I do receive mail, I credit the sender with the effort it would have taken me, and therefore it is miraculous.

9. I found a toddler size wetsuit for Andrew at a thrift store just in time for his upcoming swimming lessons.

10. I get to go lay down and listen to Harry Potter on my little cd-man I for however long the boys remain asleep. And I am still interested in it!


Lyndsay said...

This morning as I dragged myself out of bed after 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep I thought to myself "pull yourself together! Moms never get this sort of sleeping luxury."
As for your other miracles, I too have an aversion to mailing which makes receiving mail (and packages, no less) that much more spectacular.
What are Barney Balls?

Tara, Doug, and Isaac said...

I ditto the Barney Ball wonder and speculate that they're much like the Dino-nuggets in my freezer??? I'm loving the miracles, and I'm happy that you and I both got nap-time today:).

Alexandra said...

Barney Balls are what you get when you combine ground beef, evaporated milk, rice and a chopped onion, roll them into meat balls and place them in a baking dish on top of two cans of tomato soup, add baby carrots and quartered potatoe and then sprinkle season salt. Delicious. Named after Brigham's mom's family specialty (Jan Barney Cannon). Andrew loves them and requests them all the time.

My other miracle of which you reminded me, Lyndsay, is that I passed the bar in July.

Michelle said...

dang girl...what a list of miracles! I'm so excited for you - especially about the bedtime routine with Andrew. That is such a huge deal! Good job! Let's get together when you and your kids are up for it! Hopefully soon!

Sister Abigail Cannon said...

I was so sad to hear about the little boys being sick, but reading your blog made me confident that they are being well taken care of. I am so happy that Andrew has begun to sleep better -- that is such a blessing. He is such a great little boy. Tell him that Momo loves him. And give Will a nice kiss from Momo. Do you remember Alexandra when you gave Claire tylenol when she was sick -- Now you know why sometimes I didn't!! Love to all of you, Momo

Jenny said...

I'm so sorry Andrew is sick! My mom treated sick days much like yours did. There are few things more glorious than a sick day or a snow day. I'm glad both your kids are sleeping for you--a sleeping baby may be the most glorious thing of all.