Thursday, October 09, 2008

Zoo Day

We try to go to DC on Thursdays with Aunt Katie. We had perfect zoo weather. I hauled everyone to my favorite exhibits, like the giant swimming turtle.

Then a fight broke out on the climbing statue.

Will got two bug bites right on his poor face.

Climbing through the dinosaur bones at the tiger exhibit.

Smiling at my reminder of the 8 year old boy with short shorts who proclaimed himself to be "a piece of art!" and then almost knocked Andrew off the platform, making little Short Shorts a piece of something else in my book. Just kidding.

Watching the tigers. Discussion re glass shattering and parental and tiger reaction.

Will roared when the lions and tigers roared (or whatever noise it is that tigers make, as this tiger was certainly noisy today).

Andrew: I think he is just saying somethin in tiger language!"

Lunch from Vace's on the National Cathedral grounds.

Will crawled down the hill and Andrew tried to ride the stroller down.

"I love you so much, Mom."

The boys forwent reverence inside the Cathedral for shrieking so as to hear their echos. Will, too. His shrieks perfectly imitated Andrew's.

Two sleeping boys on the ride home = only one sleeping boy (Will) tonight.


Tat said...

Alexandra is so pretty. And I love Will's long, luxurious blond hair! And I'm sorry about Andrew not sleeping...

Michelle said...

what a fun day! I love you and miss you! what cute boys!

Sarah said...

What a fun day at the zoo! I'm so jealous you get to have Katie there with you!

Lauren said...

i like the new background on your blog. The DC zoo is great - I love the stories behind all the photos. It is amazing how adorable kids can look in a photo after going at it with each other:)

Your boys are adorable and they look so happy.


Lost for $5 said...

I wish I was there.