Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sorry, I was tagged

I usually feel embarrassed and self-conscious of doing these tag posts bc I feel that they are boring for others. So, disclaimer and apology ready, here is my Tag

10 Years Ago I:

1) was a missionary in Pichilemu, Chile

2) felt guilty for reading Mere Christianity and Lion, Witch and Wardrobe on my P-Days (books are off-limits to missionaries)

3) weighed an extra 20 or so pounds

4) Was telling many, many Chileans that I was "cynico." (It means dishonest, liar etc; I thought it meant pessimistic or cynical.) I was always surprised by their reactions, which I took to be extreme. "Que horible!" seemed a drastic reaction to my admission that I sometimes thought the glass was half-empty.

5) was pouring salt on my cereal (Zucaritas)

5 Things on My To-Do List:

1) nap while Andrew is at school (he does this only once a week)
2) go to the thrift store and get a kitchen table finally
3) nail down Halloween costumes (where can I get a toddler skeleton that is more cute than creepy?)
4) tidy up the . . . I will settle for just my bedroom
5) go to the cupcake party

5 Snacks I Enjoy:
1) ice cream wtih pretzles crushed up in it
2) saltines with pizza sauce and mozzerella cheese melted in a mug inthe microwave. It is good, you guys.
3) popcorn
4) ritz
5) chocolate chip cookies

5 Things I would Do if I were a Millionaire:
1) buy a house on Newark St in NW DC. Front Porch a must.

2) Send my kids to great private schools

3) Donate to causes I believed in, get things named after me :)

4) Eat out and bring home

5) hire a babysitter once a week to go out with Brig so I could stay home and relax. :)

Five Places I have Lived:
1) an overpriced apartment that was awesome in Cleveland Park, DC
2) an old pink farmhouse that I thought may be haunted in McLean, Va
2) a fetid, brown and poorly-named condo (we shall refer to it as BDA) in Provo, Ut where I once thought my roommate might attack
4) a lovely home in Rancagua, Chile where the shower had a shower glass window on a wall that allowed us to look out into the hallway. Awkward.
5) a hotel room in Cairo, Egypt where I posed as a married woman and ate a lot of pizza

Five Jobs I Have Had:
1) judicial law clerk at Utah Sup Ct
2) summer associate DPW
3) info desk, BYU
4) Kiddie Camp Counselor, Spring HIll rec (i was way better at this than anything else I have been paid to do)
5) Sandwich maker, Skyroom.

I tag:


Paul said...

Alexandra, No need to apologize about answering a tag. Sarah and I had a good laugh. We love you!

Ashley said...

I also disagree with your apology (can you disagree with an apology?) and I love stuff like this on blogs. It was fun to learn about the Alex of 10 years ago telling your investigators that you are dishonest--though I think it's even funnier that you were trying to tell them you were cynical. You crack me up.

Bee said...

Hey, it's Briana. Randy mentioned that you were searching for my blog. it's nothing spectacular, just a place to goof around. Check it out.

Your blog is still delightful.


Tat said...

I remember that house in Rancagua with the peek-a-boo shower. Didn't we say that it was like The Birth of Venus?

Carolina said...

There's got to be a back story to the hotel room in Egypt. . . .

Lost for $5 said...

I miss you so much Alexandra, I wish I could hear more about your mission. It probably doesn't feel like 10 years. I love you, send my love to the boys,

familia Bybaran said...

You summered at DPW? Get out of town! I was an associate there for three years. Too bad we weren't there together. I know that we would have gotten along because you said that you would hire a babysitter to take your son out so you could stay home! We are kindred spirits. That's what I would do. Not get a sitter to stay home with my kids. Take them out; leave me in peace. I also love that you told people you were a cynico. That's almost as good as the legend of the girl saying she was embarrasada (y es la culpa del obispo).

Great list. I am glad you were tagged.

familia Bybaran said...

Oh. Brig is your husband? Even better.

Dan and Hilary said...

Those are fascinating details to learn about you. I loved reading what you were doing 10 years ago. It brings back great memories for me, and I find the "cynico" story hysterical! I can seriously picture it!:)