Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Can't Help Myself

Probably because Brigham has been out of town, Will and Andrew came down with the flu last night, and I fell ill in the presunrise hours of this morning. I had to change my bed sheets and bathe Will at 2 am after he vomited on my bed, himself and me. Somehow, though, I actually didn't feel too horrible getting up at 6 with my two insane boys. Both kids were in pretty good spirits, and I had Katie in the house with me. Just knowing that I could call on her to take over somehow gave me the energy to not even need to do that.

So, when it comes to my sick kids and my sick self, I can help myself out. But I can't stop myself from posting these bits of politics on my blog, even though I realize that it probably bugs or maybe even offends some of you guys, and even though I know that there is very little chance that Obama will not be our next Commander in Chief. I will let my favorite political columnist take it from here:

The idea that the United States must somehow rehabilitate itself in the eyes of the United Nations or NATO or "world opinion" is staggering, even though it is an idea very popular in the mainstream media.

The first duty of a President of the United States is to protect American interests — of which survival is number one — regardless of what others may say.

Virtually the whole world condemned Israel when it bombed Saddam Hussein's nuclear facilities back in 1981. But Israel understood that its survival was more important than international popularity.

Let us hope that today's Israeli government understands that issue the same way as regards Iran, since ours may not.

Despite the media hype that we need to rehabilitate ourselves in the eyes of the world, the United States of America remains the number one destination of immigrants from around the world, some of whom take desperate chances with their lives to get here, whether across the waters of the Caribbean or by crossing our dangerous southwest desert.

Even when dozens of governments around the world join the United States in coordinated efforts to fight international terrorism, the media will call our actions "unilateral" if some demagogues in France or Germany spout off against us.

The American nuclear umbrella has enabled Western European nations to escape responsibility for their own military survival for more than half a century.

Lack of responsibility has bred irresponsibility, one sign of which are unionized troops in NATO and NATO bomber pilots who have office hours when they will and will not fly, not to mention NATO troops letting American troops handle the really dangerous fighting in Afghanistan.

Maybe the time is overdue for NATO to try to rehabilitate itself and for Americans to stop trying to be "citizens of the world."


Ashley said...

I am sorry you guys are all sick! It is the worst thing in the world to be sick and still have to be the mom.

Great article. I have ruefully accepted that Barry is going to be our next prez. I'm just hoping he can't get anything done. I'm throwing all my hope behind Prop 8. November 4th could be a very depressing day. Sorry to be so cynico.

Carolina said...

Alex, I think it's great to read political posts on my friends' blogs (even though I'm usually too chicken to write a post like that on my own blog). I doubt you offend anyone, even if readers disagree.

I hope you all get better soon. The first time Alex was sick, I was surprised at how I could will myself to wipe vomit off of my face, clean Alex off, change clothes, clean the couch, etc. I even thought that Alex's vomit smelled better than other people's vomit. It's surprising what you're willing to do (things that would have seemed absolutely disgusting in a previous life) when you have kids.

Jacqueline Auna and family said...

Allie! You are an amazing mom, truly. I hope you and your boys feel better soon! And I really enjoy reading all your political posts!

Audrey said...

I hope you are all feeling better soon. Scott said that he saw your dad and mom at 123 this morning (in the freezing cold) holding up McCain signs! That is dedication!

Kimmie said...

is this my pal Alexandra from good ole' McLean Stake?? It's got to be, but your LONG hair is throwing me off!! It's "Kimba" me if this is really you!( I found you from a comment on my friend Brooke's blog. The Tysons Corner remark got me wondering if it was you!

Tat said...

I'm so sorry you are all sick. You're a hero and a trooper.

And I'm not bugged or offended by your political posts. I've actually been grateful for them.