Thursday, July 03, 2008

First Tooth

I had been worrying lately that Will, at 8 months, has yet to cut a tooth. I fed my fears with some helpful internet searches that informed me that most babies cut their first teeth btwn 5 and 7 months, that some variation is normal, but that poor nutrition can delay teething. I was sure little Will would be like the toothless 14 month old girl whose mother posed questions to an on-line dr. I have enough reasons to feel like Will is starving without delayed dental development.

Two days ago, Andrew claimed that he saw a tooth in Will's mouth. My parents and I laughed about the idea that Andrew would be the first to notice Will's tooth. But it turned out that he was. (Hey, another evidence of his sooth-saying) The next day (yesterday), Will bit my mom with his new tooth. He has bitten me several times since. It is a powerful little white ruffle barely poking through his tender little gums.

I will mark it in my baby book: Will's first tooth was his lower right front, July 1, 2008.


Audrey said...

We need to see that little guy soon! He is growing so fast! It seems he was just born!

Carolina said...

Don't worry. Alex cut his first tooth at 10 and a half months, and if his growth trajectory is any indication of nutrition, he is a very well nourished baby. He is eleven months and still has only one tooth. We call him snaggletooth.

Jenny said...

That's so funny, Justin's first tooth just barely broke through this week also. I was starting to get worried too since he is also 8 months. That little tiny tooth ridge is sharp!!

Gerrie said...

Andrew is a 'tooth-sayer.'

Jessica and Matt said...

I can't believe Will is growing up so quickly. We will see him in just 2 weeks, now! -- Andrew can tell you exactly when and where we will meet. :)
Love you,