Sunday, July 06, 2008

New Life in Oakton

I have lots to report on our move, but wanted to quickly record Andrew's experience at his "new nursery" class today. The following conversation took place in the car on teh way home:

Mom and Dad: "What did you do at nursery today?"

Andrew: "Um, somebody slapped me in the face."

Us: Was it a boy or a girl who slapped you?

A: A girl

Daddy: "What did you do after she slapped you?"

Andrew: "I laid down on the floor. I wanted my mommy and daddy to come back."

Anyone who has seem and Andrew Tantrum knows about this laying on the floor routine. At least he didn't "Clear the Table," his more anger-ridden tactic.


Tat said...

Poor Andrew. It's not cool getting slapped in the face. And I do want to hear all about the move!

Lyndsay said...

*sigh* ...nursery. Not one of my favorite past callings.

Lauren said...

Nursery can be so brutal. I didn't know you were moving to Oakton - I have lots of cousins and an aunt there. It is such a beautiful area.

Hope your move went well:) xo

Todd, Rach & Audrey said...

Hey Alexandra! I hope you found a fun new place! I was sad we never got to meet up with you before we left...maybe one day... I created a blog this morning so our DC friends don't forget us it's called don't forget us. Your boys are adorable.