Friday, September 09, 2011

september i remember babies once new have now grown old

Old enough for school, at least. Well, just Andrew. Will is doing a year of a home preschool co-op with some other moms, and I think it is going to be perfect. Andrew in his uniform, Porter in an outfit Andrew used to wear at that age. I bought it in Salt Lake City and it feels like 2 years ago.There actually was a really sweet moment just after I captured this one where the boys were all embracing one another, but this is what I have.
The water fountain is a big deal among these guys.
I think, despite how much I long to swipe his hair back off his forehead, that this photo really captures how he was feeling: excited and nervous.
We sneeked back to peek in on him. This is the back of his little head at his table.
I was so consumed with taking photos and being on time etc that I didn't feel my goodbye hug and kiss was meaningful enough. After he went in, I wanted to snatch him back for a big long tight squeeze. But it was too late. I cried on the drive home and avoided looking at the baby pictures of him around the basement. Three o'clock came surprisingly fast.


Ashley said...

Whose darling red doors are those? Do you own those?!? I am envious.

I am very impressed that you are doing a coop preschool. There are some of those around here but I just don't have the will to put in the time, work, and energy. You should feel entitled to blow the $200/month I spend on Max's preschool on goods and services for yourself.

Monica Rich said...

I am also interested in those great doors -- with those great wreaths! More pictures of your house, please!

Sounds like your first day of kindergarten was just as it should be.

Private school?

alexandra said...

Yes, those are the doors of our new house. Thank you for loving them as I love them (wreaths are from Marshalls; they have been up since March.)

Ashley, I did a coop one year with Andrew and never thought I could go back to it after I experienced the wonders of real preschool. But this just worked better for us this year, and I am really loving it. My turn to teach is in October, so we'll see what I say then. :)

Sarah said...

What a cute little guy! I also can't believe how grown up he is. And I seriously thought the first picture was an old picture of Brigham.
You'll have to let us know how preschool goes! I'm also waiting to see what's inside those beautiful red doors. I'm sure it's looking great! Oh, and to answer your question about the grays on our wall, the other two were also Benjamin Moore- Stonington Gray (the bluish one) and Gray Mirage.

Momo Cannon said...

Seeing Andrew made me nostalgic as I remembered Brigham's first day. It is a momentous event!