Saturday, August 27, 2011

the importance of being andrew

After finishing The Help (it was fine but not a book I will read again), I was inspired by one of the character's childcare tactics and began replicating it in my home. Every night I have the children repeat to me: "I am good. I am kind. I am loved," and so on. Andrew sighs when he does it, but I still think he likes it even if it embarrasses him. The other day I teasingly incorporated it into my instruction that they apply bug spray (to their kind, sweet, important selves). Andrew looked at me and said,

"Mom, I am not important."

My heart drops. I have abused and mistreated my firstborn!

"Yes, Andrew, you are important. You are very important!"

"Yes, ok, I know that I am important *to you,*" (he actually stressed that part) "but it is not like I am . . . in the military or something."

I chose that moment to talk to him about how God has a plan for him (I didn't mention that He has a plan for everyone--that can come in its own time), and that he will learn more about that plan as he grows. He was very excited to hear that we know some of it already from his baby blessing. I wished that we could talk more about people's destinies in light of the brilliance of Harry Potter, but we are only on book 2.

But you know what else you are, Andrew, aside from being important? Pretty darn sophisticated, to objectively see your importance relative to the world. I can think of a few politicians who could benefit from a similar sense of self.


Momo Cannon said...

Andrew, you are also important to Momo and Grandpa Cannon! I agree with your mom that you have a purpose in life and it will become clear are you grow! I am excited to see it!

Tat said...

"it's not like I'm in the military or something." Priceless. Oh, what an aggravatingly brilliant child! Sometimes I think it would be easier with stupid children. ;)

Momo Cannon said...

This is katie not momo I am just logged in as her. I am blown away by how old Will looks in this picture. Am I going to recognize my favorite little boys in November I can't believe how much they've grown. Love you Alexandra! We need to talk soon it has been too long!

Michelle said...

that is so funny Allie, I love it. I miss you lots by the way.