Thursday, December 16, 2010

a dust of snow

the way a crow
shook down on me
a dust of snow from a lilac tree
has given my heart a change of mood
and save some part
of a day i rued.

r. frost
(i may have misquoted here or there but am too lazy to double check).

We had an unexpected (for me) little dusting of snow. It stuck to the streets and sidewalks, but not so much on the grass. I was a little bit worried about road conditions for picking them up from school (now that I call Will's Joy School a "playdate" he is happy to attend. Wish I figured that out a few months ago.). But not worried enough to actually pick them up early.

The boys have gone out in the snow twice. It is nice that they are old enough to do that without requiring my presence. I hate the cold and luckily Porter provides me with a good excuse for ushering them out alone.

Will was desperate to wear boots like Andrew, but had outgrown last year's (which were also the year before that year's boots, too). So he settled for one rain boot (I couldn't find the other) and one too large light up sneaker. Andrew wore a ginormous snowsuit that I couldn't believe I had ever purchased. I don't think it is featured here, though, since he wore it during round 2 only.

They were so happy. It has been a nice, cozy day.

I burned lunch taking these not-so-great photos. They are headed out once again right now while I finish up ordering all our Christmas gifts off the internet and bumble around with a tiny bumble bee.

I think we did it right this year for the boys. On the advice of my friend, whose advice I unflinchingly and unfailingly follow (except on political issues) told me that this was the best item she has ever purchased for her kids. She bought it last Christmas and leaves it out in the open in the basement almost all the time. While some of the novelty has worn off, they use it almost every day. Even Andrew can operate it (Will is close), so I think it is going to be a hit with all of us.


brooke said...

Hi Alexandra,

Just wanted to tell you I have been catching up on your blog and I love it. Reading about Will and his ng tube and tummy tube and the accident really made me appreciate all that I take for granted with healthy kids. I'm glad he is doing well.

I'm so with you on the white kitchens. Love the photos you posted. Have you guys found a house yet?

Merry Christmas!

Ashley said...

You had that poem memorized? Impressive. I love Robert Frost. I loved English classes in the JKHB. Sigh.

Those big coats are making me nervous to go to Utah for Christmas. My kids only own hoodies. I'm just assuming my mom will have everything they need.

As a mom going in the snow is the worst!

And I did almost all the Christmas shopping online. It's the best. I am so jealous of that thing you are getting. If I had a basement I would follow suit. Tyler won't let me put stuff like in our living room.

Ashley said...

That comment was all about me. How embarrassing.

Eliza said...

I think I need to discuss politics with Alyson sometime...