Wednesday, December 08, 2010

another reason to love shutterfly

So I have yet to even make our Christmas cards this year. Shocking, I know. I also only shower sporadically and have taken to employing my old college trick of washing the top of my head and bangs area so as to appear clean(er). (I was very popular with the boys!)

But I digress.

The point is that shutterfly has a promotion where you can receive 50 free cards if you advertise for them on your blog, which provides a subject matter rather more interesting than any I write about these days, so here it is. Though I am writing this to get the promotion, I am only saying it like it really is.
Honestly, I think that the site has a ton of really cute designs. The hardest part about using the site was to simply choose which card among many I liked. Although I sometimes want to throw in the towel on Christmas cards, I do love the tradition of sending greetings out to friends far and long. I always keep a copy for myself and it has been sweet collecting our yearly cards and seeing how our lives have changed each year. It will be nice to have one that I didn't make at costco.

I am getting started on a photo book for our family and a calendar for extended family. I also have a goal to finally create the collage of Andrew's joy school photos for him and the other kids from his class. I saw that shutterfly is offering a sale on their photoshow dvd. I wanted to make a photo book for my parents this Christmas but had given up the cause as lost to incovenience and lack of time, but I saw that I can instead make a much simpler little flip book. In fact, there are a ton of photo-themed gifts on sale. My Christmas gifting just got a lot easier.

Thank you, Shutterfly, for the free cards. I love the internet.

By the way, which of these do you like best for us? Honestly, it is really down to the first two. The third wouldn't allow me to edit out my gut and the bottom one does not have enough photo slots.


Momo Cannon said...

I can hardly wait for your card!

Sarah said...

I love the second one. I like how it has space for a little description too. I might have to steal this idea... :)

Erin said...

I do like shutterfly, they have a lot of great options! I love that you find such great deals!

Oh, the Christmas card! I LOVE getting them but I don't exactly enjoy doing them! One of these years I will get my act together and have them done in November!
Your getting Costco this year! What's funny is that I wanted an all-white card last year with orange writing and the closest thing I found was at Costco. But you could only use one print type and color (black). So, I didn't do the design that I wanted and tiny prints did not have an option for all white, which is what I ended up using. But this year, Costco added some new bells and whistles! I did the design that I wanted last year and ended up using black for the font color. Go figure! Can't seem to get it right!!

Can't wait!!!

Erin said...

Oh, and I really like the first one ;)

alexandra said...

Erin, we just got your card today and I LOVED it. I wondered where you had done it, that is so funny it was costco! You have such great style.