Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tuppence a Bag: Two Weeks in Photos, in Reverse Chronological Order

Will on the National Mall shouting "Boo!" to the pidgeons Papa was feeding.

According to the FBI, Brigham's prosecution of Edward Okun (guilty on all 24 counts!) was the 8th most important thing to happen in law enforcement this week. The #1 most important thing to happen in our family this week was that, on Thursday at 11:30pm, Brigham finally returned home for more than 36 hours. We had been living on a Saturday-visitation this whole month.

And here are the things we have been up to while Brig was away, in photos.
Will at the National Gallery on Wed, after Andrew's class. We saw an underwhelming photography exhibit but had a delicious lunch in the cafeteria.

Andrew's class was about sunlight. While Andrew was doing this . . .

Will was attending his first political protest. My dad couldn't resist talking with a few of the war protesters, who got in a tangle over whether or not they supported Obama, whose war policy has gone distinctly Right in many respects, whether there is any war worth fighting, and learning basic history of the 20th century (like the difference btwn North and South Korea). One of these pacifists got so worked up he just about attacked a 65 year old disabled veteran (holding a tiny, sleeping, tube-fed baby on his shoulder) for disagreeing with their views. What a world. Will broke by awakening and crying. We also visited the UdVar Hazy, where Andrew got the treat of his life (a $7 space shuttle that I resisted buying until I saw it was half the price of the simulator ride I was about to take him on.) Will, too, loves the "shuttle! me! me!"
Doing some yard work.
The Smithsonian gemstone craft (complete with hammer, chisel, safety goggles, scratch plate, magnifying glass and identification table) was $8 at Michaels. Andrew had hours of delight.

We've kept busy with lots of outings. Did you notice how often my Dad was along? About half the mornings when Will wakes up, his first request is "Papa, Nana, house. Go." This morning he added another command: "Move."


Katie Cannon said...

this makes me miss you guys even more. I love those pictures of andrew with the craft set and the botanical gardens is hilarious. you guys are so active and look so happy. Congrats to Brigham. and I happy you have you husband and father back! I love you all so very much.

Katie Cannon said...

i also love andrews milk mustache in the picture where they are hanging on the bar. it's so sweet. I can hear him laughing about how silly it looked.

Sarah said...

Happy day! Congrats to Brigham! I am sure you are all so glad that trial is over. These are some really sweet pictures. I love the Smithsonian craft set idea. That looks like a lot of fun!

Momo Cannon said...

I'm counting the hours until we see you guys! Looks like everyone had fun on your outings. I love your Dad!

Tara, Doug, and Isaac said...

I'll third the congrats to Brigham--how awesome that he's doing so well. But I've got to say the trophy goes to you for being the sole parent for that long--that has got to be SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO tough. Doug and I like to argue over who's life is harder and we feel tied:).

Henry Parents said...

Another congrats to Brigham! Solo parenting is so tough, looks like you guys kept busy. Too funny that a pacifist wanted to attack your dad, isn't that against the whole peace-and-love deal?