Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Boy Hero

We spent Monday in West Va with the cousins. Will spent a lot of time on this horse and never napped.
Andrew was justing sitting like this with me. I love it.
While Papa was putting some new quilts on the boys' beds, he found and helped put Andrew into this Spiderman suit. Andrew was so excited to show me his surprise.
He added a cape later. The cape was made by my grandmother for my uncle, who is now in his 50s.
We jumped on the trampoline and picked up the older cousins from the bus stop. Andrew could only be enticed off the trampoline for this trip by the lure of showing his costume to the kids on the bus.

It was cracking me up all day, every time I looked over at him in that costume. He wore it over his clothing and it made him look pudgy and hilarious. And he was wildly happy about it.

The best act of heroism, though, was giving his brother a ride around the house in the back of his trike. They usually just fight over it, but they seem to have worked out an arrangement. Andrew has been very sweet and tender with Will ("Cute face! Little bunny rabbit!") lately. I love it.


Sarah said...

What a great costume! Andrew looks so happy in it. That is cute that he calls Will "little bunny rabbit." I wonder where he got that? :)

Ashley said...

I think your boys are so dang cute--maybe I'm biased bc they remind me of my kids just a little older. I love the two of them on the trike. Andrew is totally a mini-Brigham.

Katie Cannon said...

Andrew is looking so beautiful lately. I love it. looks like a great day. I love the picture of Will on the Horse.

Momo Cannon said...

The boys are my little heroes! Love, Momo

Tat said...

He is a little superhero! I so wish you could have visited while Boad and Kevin were here. Good friends make life so much more palatable. (Did I say palatable? I meant *wonderful.*)