Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Summer Day

Last week, we decided to beat the heat at our favorite place in the entire city of Falls Church: the other Cannon residence.

Andrew loves Taylor, Natalee and Piper. He still has not tired of Taylor's one-liner joke: "A chicken wears pink underwear!" Andrew even says it in a weird voice; I am fairly certain he is trying to imitate Taylor's delivery.

The day was hot and I was not interested in warding off requests to jump on the trampoline (when did Andrew drop the old familiar "jump high!" from his trampoline lingo? Oh how he changes every month!). We decided it was a perfect day for the sprinkler. We were right.

There were only a few of those AFV accidents (kids colliding as the speed from opposite directions toward the same spot while parents are laughing too hard to intervene), but the kids were having such a good time, there were no tears.

After a while, Andrew decided to liven things up by spraying the others, primarily Taylor's 7 year old friend. Who submitted to it. When he decided he had had enough, he asked Andrew to stop. Andrew's response:

"Come closer a lil bit!" That is what he was saying right here.

After all the other kids tired of the sprinkler, and there had to be some form of rescue for the 7 year old powerless against the two year old, I stepped in and sprayed Andrew.


Tat said...

So joyfully cute. I'm glad you're pale like me.

Tara, Doug, and Isaac said...

AFV? I appreciate the translation, but I still need to understand the acronym. And bless you for gaining 50 pounds, losing it all, and serving as my model of hope for the future.

Momo Cannon said...

What a fun day in the sprinklers! I can almost hear them giggle! Love, Momo

Jessica and Matt said...

We can't believe you would do that to your own son.

Paul & Sarah said...

Sounds like fun! So, where will you be living in Vienna Ward? Is it pretty close to the metro? How exciting! Yes, my parents will be living there through the end of July, so you'll have a couple weeks of overlap. And actually, a Mormon family bought their house, so the new family will be in your ward. I'm so excited for you! We'll have to chat sometime and hear all the details.

Erin Stewart said...

Hey Alexandra -- it's Erin Johnson from McLean II -- your boys are so cute and I love reading your blog. Hope you're having a fun summer!