Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Oracle of Cleveland Park

Recently, I received an email from my sister that concluded with the following:

Will you please ask Andrew when Luke might get
better, he may know. I really don't want him to miss
any more school and maybe Andrew has an idea.

Let me explain: My son Sees.

Now I heard about this sort of thing when I lived in Chile, but I confess I did not believe. Until now. (Well, I still don't believe about that 4 year old Chilean boy.) But I must now acknowledge that some kids--ie my kid--do have psychic powers.

It began a few months ago, these declarations from my two year old that were somewhat . . . prophetic? Here is an example of the sorts of things he would say:

1. Driving on GW Parkway
"Mommy, what happened to Taylor?"

A chill goes down my spine.

"Nothing; Taylor is fine. Everything is fine." But I know now it really isn't.

"No, he isn't. What happened?"

Andrew, you tell me. What did happen? Heart racing, I prepare to call Taylor's mother, a close friend from high school. Will it be a call of consolation or of warning? Only Andrew knows, but he has assumed a posture of silence, staring out the window, calm as the Potomac River he watches . . . and as turbulent beneath the surface.

I decided to record his predictions and visions to discover how they match up with the report from the person Seen.

March 21, noon EST

"Momo is lying on a couch."

I told Brigham of the vision. "We should ask Momo what she was doing at around 10 am today," I suggested. So Brigham poses the question to his mother: Momo, what were you doing at 10:00 on the 30th anniversary of your second son's birth? You don't even need to answer.

A few weeks ago, I was explaining to Andrew that we had to take baby Will to the doctor to find out if he was sick. Andrew declared that baby Will was fine. My heart leapt. I had to ask again, to be sure.

"Is he sick, Andrew?"

"No, just a little bit sick."

A bright ray of hope. And as it turned out, Will's CF test was negative. Andrew was right: He was only a little bit sick.

What was it that you were saying about your toddler? That he knows the ABC song or whatever? Oh, and your little baby can reach and roll? Wow, that is really impressive. You must be so proud.

Anyway, I am so excited to find out what Baby Will's superpower is. I suppose Andrew could tell me, but I would like at least some things to be a surprise.


Dan and Hilary said...

Those pictures of Andrew go along perfectly of him being an Oracle! It really made me smile, and I have always known that you would have gifted children!:) That makes me an Oracle as well!

Allie said...

Now that's the kind of child I need! Your boys' pictures are so cute. The closest I came to having a "inspired" child was when Maddie was three and had an invisible friend. Her friend was always getting her into trouble. She would have long conversations with him and get quite animated during them. Unfortunately, I was unable to punish her invisible friend or Maddie when they were naughty, because what do you do when your three year old's invisible friend is God? Something tells me stealing cookies from the high cupboard shelf is not something that the God I know would recommend to a three year old, but what do I know... Maddie learned to manipulate us all very early in life. When she was younger than two she learned she could get out of sacrament meeting by yelling, "Won't someone change my diaper?!" I knew it was clean, but you can't really explain that to the congregation as they all stare at you and wonder why you aren't going to change the diaper.

Lyndsay said...

Will you ask Andrew when I'm going to get a promotion? Also, when will my next tropical vacation be? Do I need to send him a piece of clothing or a picture so he can envision my future?
You guys are like the Incredibles. What is your/Brigham's superpower?

Sister Abigail Cannon said...

Sorry I can't remember exactly what I was doing at 10:00 am on March 21st, but it is entirely possible I was on the couch. It is something I do whenever I get the chance! Love, Momo

Michelle said...

can I hire him? I could definitely use some fortune telling in my life!

Paul & Sarah said...

Huh, I didn't know that about Andrew. That's cool. Benjamin is also very excited to see "An" when he flies on the airplane to Virginia. I don't think he remembers Will though, because when I ask him if Andrew has a baby brother, he tells me no. I guess my kid doesn't have the "gift." Darn it. I'll have to be one of those moms who goes through life bragging about how her child loves bananas. :)
Oh, and Momo, I have to agree wiht Alexandra. The icon should probably change (not that mine is any better, since I always sign as two people).

Jacqueline Auna & family said...

I believe you. I love Andrew's pose with his hands behind his head. Its cute bc it's not something I see many toddlers doing. He must be an old soul. Though we aren't endowed with any special gifts, Elise likes to say she is a "super reader... to the rescue" which is weird because I think we've seen that show less than 5 times.

Carolina said...

Is there a PO box to which I can send letters of adoration, samples of my hair, and questions? I think I might be able to put you in contact with the producer of "Primer Impacto" on which little Andrew could be featured, along with the chupacabras, and the most recent apparition of the virgen de Guadalupe.