Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Fun: Brigham's Perspective

We keep a family journal for the boys. I write down every boring detail, while Brigham keeps it short and fun. His will be the excerpts read 50 years from now. Anyway, the following is a description of last Saturday in Brig's own words. Photos to follow later.

On Saturday, Alexandra went to a friend's sealing, so I got to spend the morning with the kids. (Although Friday night was a whole other adventure, complete with sleeping out on the Ellipse for tickets to the White House Easter Egg Roll, which of course I Cannon-lucked into.) I returned triumphantly with the tickets to the Smith's at about 9:30, hopped in the shower and was ready to head over to the McLean II ward easter egg hunt. I quickly changed Andrew into a new outfit, and my cute boys were ready to make me look good. At the hunt, Andrew successfully picked out each of the six egg colors and immediately began to ask for the candy that he knew was inside. Of course I gave it to him.

Just before lunch was served, Andrew discovered a basketball and started playing with John King and another boy even younger than Andrew. I had let Will suck on my finger long enough for him to go to sleep, so I could watch Andrew go crazy with the basketball. At some point, the ball ended up a little ways away and in the hands of Nate Kendig who, without noticing Andrew running toward him, walked even further away with the ball. Andrew eventually caught Nate right as the prayer was starting, so Nate told him that there was a prayer and Andrew immediately folded his arms. He doesn't even do that for me. Then, when the prayer was over, Nate again walked away with the ball. Andrew chased him down, and this time wrapped his arms around Nate's leg until Nate got the idea and returned the ball.


Ashley said...

Awww, that is so cute! I am dying to hear about the White House Easter Egg Roll. I've always wanted to go to that.

Mer Swift said...

Andrew's so cute! I love picturing him running around the cultural hall. Why do we call it that, anyways?

Momo Cannon said...

Thanks for the cute pictures and narrative. I love every detail. Love, Momo