Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Will's Visitors

Since Will was born near the end of visiting hours, he didn't get his first visitors until today. His first visitors were his older brother Andrew and MoMo (my mom). Andrew wanted to wake Will up, and even resorted to poking Will's nose and adding the usual beep-beep. He and MoMo have been having a good time while Alexandra, Will, and I (most of the time) are in the hospital. We'll see how much Andrew likes Will the first time Will is in "Andrew's Room" and dominating Mommy's time.

Alexandra's parents also came by to visit their fifth grandchild (four boys and one girl). Will loved being held by his Nana and Papa who also graciously brought Will's new ride to the hospital so that Will won't ride home in Andrew's lap.

And, finally, Alexandra's friends Kirsten Rabaut and Carrie Cannon came by to visit.

Now, more pictures from today:

Welcome Will!

Alexandra was due to deliver last Friday, the 26th, and she was scheduled to be induced this morning at 8:00 a.m., but the William Alexander Cannon decided yesterday was better. Yesterday Alexandra called me at work around 12:00 to tell me that she was having regular, but not painful contractions and that I should get ready to go. Thirty minutes later we decided that I should just come home and go with her to the hospital.

We arrived at Sibley Memorial Hospital (the hospital of my own birth 31 years ago) at around 2:00, and, despite not having called ahead (which apparently flustered the admitting nurses and Alexandra's doctor), they checked Alexandra into a room. About 1.5 Law & Order episodes later, Alexandra and I expected that the doctor would soon tell us to go back home--that we had arrived to early. But then two nurses and the doctor came into the room to check on the baby whose heart rate was dipping with each contraction. They decided to admit Alexandra, who was progressing very quickly.

At 7:58, William Alexander Cannon was born at 7 pounds 2.2 ounces and 20.5 inches long. He was perfectly healthy and adorable.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Homestead Farm, Potomac Md and Halloween Party

Andrew and I had a fun and exhausting day at a local pumpkin patch. This was our second day in a row of pumpkin-patching, and Andrew loved both experiences. I had forgotten my camera, of course, so my friend Michelle took a bunch of photos for me, most of which I had no idea she was taking.

Andrew got to feed lambs and goats (and loved it!) and saw baby pigs. We rode a hayride out to a pumpkin patch and he selected various pumpkins to take home. At our picnic lunch by a large pond, Andrew found a "screwdriver," which he used to fix all the large logs we were sitting on.

We spent the evening at the McLean Ward Halloween party, where Andrew wore a green T-shirt and diaper the majority of the time and "shot hoops." I physically forced him into his dragonfly costume, an act that practically amounted to child abuse (both physical and emotional, from his reaction). I just wanted him to put it on for 15 minutes for the dumb parade. He calmed down after a few minutes in front of the mirror and agreed to wear it across the stage. He actually understood me when I told him that after he walked across the stage to Papa (who was conducting the event) that he could remove the hated costume. I know he understood bc he stopped struggling and started trying to cut in line. When it was finally his turn, he raced across the stage to Papa and announced repeatedly and enthusiastically "Andrew a dragonfly!" I had told him to do this but was not sure he would or could. Anything to get back in his T-shirt and in front of his beloved hoop.

Just a side note: andrew is great at basketball. Boys MUCH bigger and older than he is (8 year olds!) did not have his made-shot percentage. Everyone was amazed. He really is good. I wish I had a video clip to prove it.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Andrew's Birthday Party

Andrew blowing out the candles on his dump truck cake. I am so glad I made this cake instead of buying one. It was really easy, tasted good, and best of all, Andrew was thrilled to eat the dirt out of his toy "dump." (It is just chocolate cake layered with chocolate mousse and crushed chocolate-filled oreos on top).

We celebrated Andrew's 2nd birthday in the courtyard of our apt complex. In attendance were Andrew's cousins; Aunt Katie Smith; Carey Cannon and her two girls, Piper and Natalee; and Alyson Yoder and her son, Christian. It was a beautiful, warm October day (but not too hot). Warm enough that the kids that soaked themselves in the courtyard fountain (that included Andrew and Piper) dried off without getting cold. I did have to change Andrew's outfit because he got completely drenched, whereas Piper just dunked her head. The moonbounce that the Segura cousins brought was the highlight of the party, and the various toys were brought down kept kids occupied when they weren't jumping. Andrew loved his gifts: a basketball hoop set from the Seguras, a Cars rolling backpack from the Cannons, and a Cars book from the Yoders.

He spent a lot of the time "shooting hoops." Torn between a desire to shoot and a desire to "jump high" on the moonbounce, he attempted to bring the hoop set with him while he jumped. Andrew loved every second of his day (except for the moment captured in the photo below where Piper donned Andrew's brand new Cars backpack). He really knew that everyone was there to celebrate him, and it made him so very happy. After the party,

Brig single-handedly took the Seguras and Andrew to the zoo while I rested and talked with my sisters back in the apt. He is so great. The Seguras stayed for dinner before heading back to West Va. Andrew told me that he missed Missy that night as he went to bed. We all went to bed after a truly perfect little day.

Andrew shooting hoops with his new set from his cousins

Andrew opening presents with Emma and Natalee.

Andrew with his new favorite book.

Piper shooting a rabbit while Andrew shoots the ball.

Missy, Thomas, Luke, Piper, Sam, and Christian.

Katie, Thomas, and Andrew eating lunch.

Daddy and Andrew.

Andrew getting his legs into his jump shot.

All the kids were excited to help Andrew open his gifts.

Alexandra made a delicious chocolate cake for Andrew's special day. Andrew loved it and was very excited to eat the dirt from the "dump."

Andrew's Angry

Andrew's in for a very rude awakening when the new baby comes (anytime now). If he can get this upset just because Piper Cannon (no relation) is wearing Andrew's backpack, what's going to happen when the new baby (Will?) is now dominating mommy's time? What the picture unfortunately does not show is that Piper is just as upset.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Andrew Turns 2!

When Andrew woke up this morning, we informed him that it was his birthday. This news made him very happy. He asked me, about 20 min later, to sing him a song. I asked him what he wanted to hear and he replied, "Happy Birthday to You." He requested the same when at McDonalds with my parents (I was a a dr appointment), and Papa reported that Andrew had a huge smile on his little face while they sang. I can't believe that it was two years ago that he officially came into our lives, and I am so proud of what a sweet and fun little boy he has become. And a little sad that he has been growing out of his babyhood so very very quickly.

A note about passing the bar

When I told my dad that I had passed, he asked whether I was sure that my name was not on the "Fail" list. My sisters and I are all that we are because our Dad believed in us. Reach for the stars and you can achieve anything is his mantra. Don't let your head get too caught up in the clouds, Dad! (By the way, there is no such thing as awful and humiliating as a Fail list. This is what I resorted to telling my Dad to lay to rest his concerns of a premature sense of relief at passing).

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Alexandra Passed the Bar

Andrew and I are very proud of Alexandra today. I'm sure that Alexandra was the only pregnant mother of a two-year old that passed the July 2007 Virginia Bar Exam. And, add to that, Alexandra graduated from law school in 2004 and didn't take a Bar Review course.

Here's the link to the page with her name:


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Brig made the Washington Post

I wanted to provide a little link to an article about Brigham's big case in which is name is mentioned. I felt really proud of him when a read the one sentence describing him as "prosecutor Brigham Q. Cannon." He has been working really hard on this case and I think its great that its making news (even if it is D4). Here is the link to the full article:


Sunday, October 07, 2007

More Seguras at Difficult Run

Wading at Difficult Run is one of Andrew's favorite activities. The first time he did it, it was a chilly day in Feb or March and he went racing in before I could stop him (I was throwing sticks to the dog). I have taken him to this river knowing that we would end up in it. Still, I failed to bring proper gear. Luckily, he was fine with just swimming in an increasingly enormous diaper.

Cousin Luke Segura, 4 1/2

Conference Weekend with the Seguras

Saying "Cheese!"

During the break between Conference sessions, we drove out to Difficult Run with Charley, Aunt Katie, and the Segura cousins and Missy. Missy and I were the only adults to go in, but we all had a great time. Emma had a temporary tatoo on her bicep, which was the perfect complement to her swim attire: purple underwear. Charley chased sticks (mostly unsuccessfully) and the kids dug in the sand with their hands, threw rocks, jumped and splashed and played with the dog. It was a great day. It was probably the only thing that made me not begrudge the high temperature.

Andrew and Sam

It is too bad that this photo does not reflect the height of the fun Sam and Andrew were having together jumping high on the couch. They are very good friends and Andrew is always talking about going to Sam's house.

Shirtless Painting

This is our morning ritual nowadays.

More Hoops

Dribbling and Shooting

Shooting Hoops

Andrew LOVES basketball (and soccer, golf, and baseball). He can "shoot a hoop," as he says, all day long and is almost completely unruffled by the fact that he can get the ball nowhere near the basket. "ALMOST!" is his refrain after every failed shot. This is a park on Macomb St in NW by our apartment. It is also the very park my dad played at when he was a little kid and lived down the street.

Zoo in August

Interestingly, maybe sadly?, my dad also makes this very face. But he is 65.

At Myrtle Beach August 2007

The waves were a little rough for actual swimming, but jumping the foam was fun.

Andrew waiting to go to dinner

I think Andrew looks like his dad here.

Andrew the Builder

Andrew loved helping Daddy put together this Ikea shelf. I think he had enjoyed a spaghetti lunch right before we took these photos, unfortunately.

July Utah Hiking

After the Bar was over, we all headed out to Utah for a week break (Brig coincidentally had business out there anyway, so it worked out nicely.) We hiked part way to Stewart Falls before the rain forced us to turn around ( I was glad--I was 7 months pregnant). Luckily, we also had the red wagon and Andrew and I enjoyed a nice little ride back down together.