Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Will's Visitors

Since Will was born near the end of visiting hours, he didn't get his first visitors until today. His first visitors were his older brother Andrew and MoMo (my mom). Andrew wanted to wake Will up, and even resorted to poking Will's nose and adding the usual beep-beep. He and MoMo have been having a good time while Alexandra, Will, and I (most of the time) are in the hospital. We'll see how much Andrew likes Will the first time Will is in "Andrew's Room" and dominating Mommy's time.

Alexandra's parents also came by to visit their fifth grandchild (four boys and one girl). Will loved being held by his Nana and Papa who also graciously brought Will's new ride to the hospital so that Will won't ride home in Andrew's lap.

And, finally, Alexandra's friends Kirsten Rabaut and Carrie Cannon came by to visit.

Now, more pictures from today:


Dan and Hilary said...

I am very happy for you, Alexandra and Brigham! Will looks perfect and your family pictures together are so cute!
Alexandra, you look amazing and so happy! I am really jealous that Brigham will also update your blog!

Michelle said...

Alexandra - Congratulations! I am so excited for you and your family. You look so great in all the pictures. I'm glad that things went well and that you are home! I am also impressed that your husband updates the blog!

Paul & Sarah said...

Congratulations! Will looks exactly like a little baby, a really cute one! It goes without saying that we're super excited to see you this Thanksgiving.

We've also loved looking at all of your blog. We haven't looked sooner because we didn't know the address.

Love you. Miss you.

Paul and Sarah

lynne said...

congratulations!!!! what an adorable baby will is! we are so happy for you guys!