Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Homestead Farm, Potomac Md and Halloween Party

Andrew and I had a fun and exhausting day at a local pumpkin patch. This was our second day in a row of pumpkin-patching, and Andrew loved both experiences. I had forgotten my camera, of course, so my friend Michelle took a bunch of photos for me, most of which I had no idea she was taking.

Andrew got to feed lambs and goats (and loved it!) and saw baby pigs. We rode a hayride out to a pumpkin patch and he selected various pumpkins to take home. At our picnic lunch by a large pond, Andrew found a "screwdriver," which he used to fix all the large logs we were sitting on.

We spent the evening at the McLean Ward Halloween party, where Andrew wore a green T-shirt and diaper the majority of the time and "shot hoops." I physically forced him into his dragonfly costume, an act that practically amounted to child abuse (both physical and emotional, from his reaction). I just wanted him to put it on for 15 minutes for the dumb parade. He calmed down after a few minutes in front of the mirror and agreed to wear it across the stage. He actually understood me when I told him that after he walked across the stage to Papa (who was conducting the event) that he could remove the hated costume. I know he understood bc he stopped struggling and started trying to cut in line. When it was finally his turn, he raced across the stage to Papa and announced repeatedly and enthusiastically "Andrew a dragonfly!" I had told him to do this but was not sure he would or could. Anything to get back in his T-shirt and in front of his beloved hoop.

Just a side note: andrew is great at basketball. Boys MUCH bigger and older than he is (8 year olds!) did not have his made-shot percentage. Everyone was amazed. He really is good. I wish I had a video clip to prove it.

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