Sunday, October 21, 2007

Andrew's Birthday Party

Andrew blowing out the candles on his dump truck cake. I am so glad I made this cake instead of buying one. It was really easy, tasted good, and best of all, Andrew was thrilled to eat the dirt out of his toy "dump." (It is just chocolate cake layered with chocolate mousse and crushed chocolate-filled oreos on top).

We celebrated Andrew's 2nd birthday in the courtyard of our apt complex. In attendance were Andrew's cousins; Aunt Katie Smith; Carey Cannon and her two girls, Piper and Natalee; and Alyson Yoder and her son, Christian. It was a beautiful, warm October day (but not too hot). Warm enough that the kids that soaked themselves in the courtyard fountain (that included Andrew and Piper) dried off without getting cold. I did have to change Andrew's outfit because he got completely drenched, whereas Piper just dunked her head. The moonbounce that the Segura cousins brought was the highlight of the party, and the various toys were brought down kept kids occupied when they weren't jumping. Andrew loved his gifts: a basketball hoop set from the Seguras, a Cars rolling backpack from the Cannons, and a Cars book from the Yoders.

He spent a lot of the time "shooting hoops." Torn between a desire to shoot and a desire to "jump high" on the moonbounce, he attempted to bring the hoop set with him while he jumped. Andrew loved every second of his day (except for the moment captured in the photo below where Piper donned Andrew's brand new Cars backpack). He really knew that everyone was there to celebrate him, and it made him so very happy. After the party,

Brig single-handedly took the Seguras and Andrew to the zoo while I rested and talked with my sisters back in the apt. He is so great. The Seguras stayed for dinner before heading back to West Va. Andrew told me that he missed Missy that night as he went to bed. We all went to bed after a truly perfect little day.

Andrew shooting hoops with his new set from his cousins

Andrew opening presents with Emma and Natalee.

Andrew with his new favorite book.

Piper shooting a rabbit while Andrew shoots the ball.

Missy, Thomas, Luke, Piper, Sam, and Christian.

Katie, Thomas, and Andrew eating lunch.

Daddy and Andrew.

Andrew getting his legs into his jump shot.

All the kids were excited to help Andrew open his gifts.

Alexandra made a delicious chocolate cake for Andrew's special day. Andrew loved it and was very excited to eat the dirt from the "dump."

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