Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing day

Wherein no boxing or cleaning took place at all. We spent the day sledding on slush, playing with new toys / games and generally enjoying be together with no place to have to go. We went to bull run to see the light show and hit the cracker barrel on the way home. There was something there for each of the boys to enjoy as we waited for our food.



And Andrew.

Sometimes I am struck with alarm at hold old Andrew seems to be and how quickly he has moved on from being a very little boy, but tonight as he exclaimed over the lights display and played with toys in the general store and listened intently to The Secret Garden recording that he really is quite young and sweet and innocent. Will just impresses me with his recall of the lyrics to any Christmas song (he knew the 12 Days of Christmas for goodness sakes), and Porter with how affectionate and loving he is, and the degree to which he still insists on being naked at home.

It was a late night tonight but we loved it.

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