Thursday, December 06, 2012

50 percent; 85 percent; 100 percent

We are 50 percent ready for Christmas. Not shown in these shots are the many many boxes all over the floor. We could

only hang as many ornaments as hangers available. Hardly any.

I am most proud of my entry way.
Do you like the rug? Not exactly as I thought (online purchase). But I never mail things back.

We had FHE and played UNO tonight. We are around 50 percent on FHE diligence, but my goal is to improve that.

Finally, I am halfway through this pregnancy.

This little boy is 85 percent better and currently 100 percent off tube feeds. He also gained two pounds and grew half and inch over the last 8 weeks.

And this baby is 100 percent GIRL! All doubt removed at today's ultrasound.

Notice how flexible she is. And she has Will's upturned nose. So cute! Those are her little legs curled over her and crossed in such a lady like way.

I'm enroll ing her in gymnastics as soon as she's recovered from her birth.

We are 100 percent ready for a little girl in this family!

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Ashley said...

YAY YAY YAY!!! So glad she's a girl and so glad Will is off his tube! What great news on both fronts. You are as tiny and darling as ever. Please gain some weight in your shoulders and face asap. I love your entry-way. Such a fun and happy display. Props to you on 50% FHE. We are about once every other month. But that's not nothing.

terrah said...

You are such a cute pregnant lady! And your house is beautiful as well. Have a Merry Christmas!

Ie Li said...

I love your entryway! You really go all out! Someday....

I'm so happy you are having a girl. You look beautiful!

Love you!

Monica Rich said...

So happy to hear about your little girl! I wish you were my neighbor so I could give you all my little girl stuff. And your house looks beautiful and happy.

Paul said...

Hooray! What happy news! That Will gained so much and that this next one is absolutely positively a girl.
It was so fun seeing you guys a few weeks ago. We miss you all. Your house looks amazing, as always! You do too. I loved reading all your latest posts, especially about life after the program.

Paul said...

That was Sarah, not Paul. :)

Momo Cannon said...

We are also excited that it is for sure a girl! She will be beautiful, that is for sure!

Momo Cannon said...

We are also excited that it is for sure a girl! She will be beautiful, that is for sure!