Monday, January 04, 2010

Will goes to the hospital for a little scan

This is Will right after being tightly wrapped in what Fx Hspt styles a "papoose" to prevent body movement during his stomach scan (last November). He wasn't too happy about it. The tech was even more unhappy when I unwrapped him after Will agreed to remain still on his own. The tech told me it would never work and the whole 3 hours would be a waste of time. But he was wrong.
Despite being bitterly disappointed by an empty Scooby Doo dvd box and having to watch Sponge Bob instead, he took it like a man would take such a blow and went to sleep.
He looked so cute on that table, wearing my old shirt and his new Scooby sticker. He even got an extra one to give to Andrew.

This little episode demonstrates so much about Will right now. He stands up for himself (refusing to be constricted), but is reasonable and negotiable (agreeing to lie still on the table), will adjust to what is required (will fall asleep instead of tantruming, which is what I wanted to do after the many many fumblings on the part of the hospital (not knowing how to perform the procedure, delaying it by over an hour; having me bolus Will bc they didn't feel comfortable (??); promising him a movie they did not have (yes, I rank that right up there with having to call the dr to figure out details that should have been known by the time we arrived).
But it all worked out and I read Real Simple Magazine while he slept and got scanned. He lay still, even when awake, and the scan was perfect.


Sarah said...

Will is so great! What a trooper. Sorry about the hospital. That sounds like an awful experience.

Ashley said...

He is the sweetest, smartest little boy. I want to give him a hug. I love that he got a sticker for Andrew.

Tiana said...

Go you for standing up for your kid, and Go Will for being such a trooper.

Momo Cannon said...

Just thinking about Will warms my heart.

Erin said...

There is something so sweet about sleeping children. I love the pictures! My heart wants to melt at the sight of my sleeping babies. Then they wake up...just kidding ;)

What a trooper!

Michelle said...

oh my gosh, I am almost in tears. I just love that little boy. The sweetest post ever! What lame hospital people. Really? They go to school for how long and can't get the right movie for you?! idiots!