Friday, January 22, 2010

christmas morning

Buying for Christmas was easy this year and was brought to us courtesy of local thrift stores and Walmart. The theme: violence. The Star Wars enthusiasm generated by multiple viewings of the original three on our long Thanksgiving Trek had not abated and basically dominated our gifts this year.
Andrew got his highly-demanded booster seat. (Isn't his excitement palpable? I really captured the moment!) He needed it anyway and he has loved it every single time we get in the car. He loves it so much that I don't regret the little reading lights, though they are slightly annoying and slow Will's departure to sleep when driving home at night. They also sometimes trick me into thinking I am being pulled over.
I just love photos of kids gathered around a parent to assist them in opening presents.
Walmart guns. Still not forgotten.
Will, opening Andrew's gift to him (R2D2) with joy. Andrew was even more excited.
Spontaneous hug of thanks restaged so I could photograph it.The only thing Will asked for when seated upon Santa's lap (he was the most realisitic-looking Father Christmas I had ever seen, but when I asked him what Will had asked for he looked at me with utter surprise and said that he had no idea. But he knew his business; he had Will repositioned so as to minimize the appearance of his tube in the photo we paid a thousand dollars for.)
So, though they were the most expensive gifts and not easy to find in this warped age of obsession with Anakin and the Clone Wars, those movies had to get under our tree.
It is all they want to watch on our family movie nights.

I was nervous about Christmas morning this year because I 1) really wanted the kids to be happy and 2) didn't want to have to confront any issues with my own mothering if I were to see displays of ingratitude and spoiled-kid syndrome. I think about Harry Potter way too much to not have images of Dudley on his birthday prick my heart. But there was none of that, and the kids were genuinely joyful and excited. I wanted it to be magical and it was, for all of us.


brooke said...

Your Christmas looked wonderful and the picture of your boys hugging is so adorable. I just caught up on your last few posts. Will looked so sweet at the hospital asleep. What a good boy.

Your post about marriage totally made me laugh and I could relate sooo much. I agonize over every decision--especially marriage. It wasn't until my dad assured me in a serious talk--that there was alwasy divorce and nothing is forever that I agreed to marry Sam.

I love your husband's reasons he has to outlive you. I want SAm to outlive me because I would never be able to operate the dvd player without him!

Momo Cannon said...

So happy to share your Christmas with the post. We miss you all so much! Your boys are so sweet! Love, Momo

Dan and Hilary said...

Your post really made me laugh, as usual! I really want to come and spend Christmas with you and your family especially with some of those traditions you have in DC!

Erin said...

What a wonderful Christmas! Your place looked so beautiful and cozy.

I love that your boys are ALL boy! They are so, so cute!

Kimmie said...

loved catching up on your blog tonight! you make me laugh and those boys are just adorable!