Friday, September 18, 2009

just lay down on the floor young missy, and other phrases to keep in my pocket

Talking to Jessica today I was reminded of how often I rely on movie lines to express my feelings and respond to basic pleasantries and interrogatories. It can turn mildly awkward for some of the parties involved if they are not familiar with the movie line, but I don't think I can overcome this communication habit. I just don't want to.

My favorite, I think, has to be the response to a basic question: "Do you know Blippity Bloppity Blue?"

"Know him? I dated him!" (delivered in a NY accent). Anyone, anyone? That one is even funnier if you are responding for someone else, as in "know him? she dated him!" then the "she" has a little explaining to do, making the conversation that much more fun.

I have decided to make a running list of my most-used movie phrases.

Here is one that cost me a friendship. I didn't even say it, but I was guilty of laughing. "I can hear you getting fatter." see, it is funny but not offensive since it is mere movie-quoting.

Please advise me of your favorite movie lines to use in ordinary conversation. Mine might be getting bit out of date.


Allie said...

Most of the lines that get stuck in my head from movies seem to come from Disney's animated Robin Hood which I must have watched 4 zillion times (at least).

"...or more appropriately the loser."
"Who's driving this flying umbrella?"
"Mother always did like Richard best."

and when my kids need to whisper something to me:

"Hiss, stop hissing in my ear!"

OK, I perhaps know every single line from this movie.

"Friar Tuck? It's ROBIN HOOD I want!"

I also quote from Thoroughly Modern Millie

"Do you have a mome...a moment?"
"Oh pook!"
"Soy sauce!!!!"
"Very convenient for a vampire like Mrs. Meers."

Monica Merced Rich said...

I have a distinct memory of you (or was it Jess?) using the "I can hear you getting fatter" line in a sparkly gold booth in the old Cougar Eat.

Tiana said...

We're Back to the Future fans. Whenever I am trying to get CJ or Ches's attention I often call out, "McFly!" Then if CJ gets caught in a sticky situation with me he says, "What Lorraine?! What?"

Or our favorite when neither of us really wants to help..."I got it Grace...Grace, I got it..." ~Return to Me

Don't worry, you aren't alone, we quote movies all the time, but I agree, it can be awkward when the recipient of such a quote has NO idea what you are talking about.

Michelle said...

its way past my bedtime, so my funnies in my brain aren't working....but your blog did make me laugh. love you. let's play soon. what are you doing next week in the afternoons?

Ashley said...

Tiana's comment reminded me that Tyler always does the "WHAT LORAINNE" too. We know a lady named Lorainne so every time I mention her he does it. He thinks it's hilarious.

It's not a movie line but my current fav is "that's what she said." It only makes sense about 25% of the time but I can't stop. (That's what she said.)

Paul said...

It used to be that 90% of what came out of my mouth was a movie line or a song lyric. I just got boring I guess. I still drop a few here and there. Parker Posey: "Huh? What?" from Josie and the Pussycats. This one works when you say something that no one else was intended to hear. Encarnation: "It's late Ignacio."

Jen said...

We are huge The Office and Arrested Development fans. Those two shows have the best lines. I will gather up my favorites.

Tat said...

Do I get points for knowing that your title came from Raising Arizona? (One of my top five comedies of all time, btw.)

Micah and I often quote Arrested Development, but we have amassed quite a repertoire over the years. I think you are aware (?) that one of my favorites is from the Princess Bride: "It's possible, Pig."

melissa said...

So very funny, Alexandra. I also love "its brand new." I love that I use it constantly and you guys never remember which movie it is from.
On Sat. night I was a ta friend's house helping her set up some lights and as I connected the extension cords, I cried "88 miles per hour!"
Only a few people knew the line and they didn't even seem to think it was very funny.

Carolina said...

Arrested Development really does take the cake on quotable lines.

Jessica and Matt said...

"I's not your fault." This line from Good Will Hunting may not seem funny on it's own, but it gets very funny (and even more akward) if you choose to re-enact the scene in its entirety with your conversation partner. Basicslly, you repeat "I's not your fault" over and over after the person says "Yeah, I know" repeatedly and then tries a variety of strategies to get you to stop telling them it wasn't their fault - including laughing at you, scoffing at you, getting mad, and then breaking down in tears.

This one gets akward even if the other person knows what movie it's from - akward b/c the other person begins to hate you for being so annoying or, worse, goes with the rest of the scene and tearfully embraces you.

Jacqueline Auna and family said...

you are so funny! i loved reading everyone's favorite quotes. it's not funny, but i use the 'as you wish' line a lot from princess bride. i'm not that witty. in my family, everything reminded us of songs from old musicals. that can get kind of awkward if people aren't used to others breaking out in song, randomly. : ) we miss you guys!!

brooke said...

Um, anything from Raising Arizona and Ferris Buehler and I'm ashamed to admit-Wedding Crashers. We also quote Dumb and Dumber a lot. I can't think of just one.

On another note--how on earth do you know Kimmie Horne--one of my best friends? She and I knew each other in high school and lived together all through college.

Kimmie said...

YES!!! send me the Volcansek's blogs. And I LOVE the dress below! Take the plunge. You deserve it.

Eliza said...

I have SO MANY favorite movie lines, most of which are obscure. I am dying at the "WHAT, LORRAINE?" references in these comments because I have seen Back to the Future and its II and III more times than almost any other movies (besides The Sound of Music, who knew).

Can I list a million? Because I have about a million from BTTF. "You want a Pepsi, pal, you gotta pay for it." But my favorites are from George. "You're right! Well, you're right!"

Generally the only people who understand my movie references are my sister, my best friend from high school, and sometimes my husband. Matt and I do a lot of Anchorman quoting. "By the beard of Zeus." "Yeah, I stabbed a man in the heart." "Milk was a bad choice." and Groundhog Day, "I'll give you a winter prediction. It's gonna be's gonna be gray...and it's gonna last you the rest of your life."

Another favorite Bill Murray line is from Ghostbusters: "Don't stare at me, you got the bug eyes. ... Janine? Sorry about the bug eyes thing, I'll be in my office."

OK, I'll stop.

Nat said...

"Strange things are afoot at the Circle K."

Nana said...

"Friends? Friends slow down.
"They even stop."

Remarked the aging father (Jason Robarts) to aging druggie son (unknown)who was just unceremoniously thrown out of the back seat of a moving car; from the film "Parenthood."