Sunday, August 23, 2009

sunday morning coming down

This was taken an hour ago. They are now all at the park.

Will loves a piggie-back ride these days.

He also loves to angrily proclaim himself to be Pig WON'T. So that book has been an awesome parenting tool. I am reminded of this because he did it this morning. Will someday nothing short of dying be half as lonely as the sound of no little tiny boy shouting "I am Pig Won't!" at 6 am? It is from that sentiment that I draw my strength: as depressing as being roused so early in such a way is, it will be more depressing when there is no hope of such a wake-up.

Anyway, instead of getting right down to my nursery lesson, the ostensible reason for getting on the internet this morning, I ended up getting sidetracked by my most recent and constant distraction. One would think I was good at math. Don't hate me because I am conservative.

Did you notice that Will's tube is out? That was a Brigham Executive Decision. I think it was only the second in our marriage, but, like the first (coming home from work and removing Will's crib from our room to the spare room), I think it might be the right one. He has already been eating full meals, every time. I can even give him his medicine now. We'll see how it goes.

Happy Sunday. Ours will be; we are having Thai Massuman Curry for dinner and it is good.

ps for some reason my hyperlinks don't appear in a different color, so I have to bold them. Also, missing from my tool bar is a font function. I cannot change font style or size. Quite frustrating.


Monica Merced Rich said...

Wait -- you have another blog! When did this happen?!? I think it's great. I mean, although we don't see eye to eye, I think it's awesome that you are so active in the political arena and aren't afraid to put your POV out there.

Cute pic, by the way. I envy your Sunday. I'm home from church sick. Boo-hoo.

Hope all is well.

Momo Cannon said...

I hope Will will discover how fun it is to eat! He should come by it naturally from this side of the family! Love you all. We miss you so much. I love looking at the pictures from your visit this summer and have so many good memories! Thank you for making the effort to come out. Love, Momo

Michelle said...

yeah for the Brig making the exec. decision. I'm so happy to hear that Will's been eating! yeah! Let's get together again soon. I love you guys! what a cute picture!

Audrey said...

Hey Alexandra
Let's get together sometime!

I love your thoughts on the brightside of the 6am wakeup. Last night was Will's first night in the 'big bed' He is sleeping in the same room with Owen now. He woke up singing bright and early a little before 6am. He didn't try to get out of bed, but he did wake up Owen soon after starting counting down for rocket blast off. Now we have two tired boys! Hopefully we can convince Will to sleep longer!

terrah said...

I've already put Pig Won't on my library list... it looks great! And I'm envious of your Sunday dinner... sounds delicious!

Paul said...

Oh the lessons kids learn! Whenever Benjamin decides he doesn't want to do something he emphatically declares "I WON'T!" ala Pig Won't. Then there's his fascination with Goliath in the Bible story... We stopped telling our dramatized version when we caught him telling Peter he was going to "squash him like a bug".

alexandra said...

Paul, that is hilarious.

alexandra said...

Monica, my other blog is not my distraction, just politics. Occassionally writing some of my conservative thoughts down just makes me less annoying to others in real life. Outlets.

Lauren said...

That's great that Will got his tube out. He looks great:)

BTW You were right - we hung out with Julie D. in Beligium - hadn't seen her for 13 years.