Wednesday, August 19, 2009

of summer baseball games

Andrew just got back from the Nationals game he attended with Brig. It was nearly 11pm and he was bubbly and happy. He went into great detail about all the exciting things he saw, like the "baseball hats and bats" that he now wants for his chart (a bribery strategy long defunct, whose primary usefulness now is simply in referring to it; now I have implemented the Level Four Boy strategy, which I may detail in another post), and a difficult to follow story involving teasing his dad, waving, traffic and operating his power window. He reported that the white team from Washington DC lost, but that they were not disappointed. He certainly didn't seem disappointed.

He might as well have been standing in an airport with little missionary tags on his suit, he seemed that old to me. When did he truly transform into this real person big kid?

I think I am going to be a very weepy lady someday.

He locked us out as we tried to reenter the house after a quick car clean-up. I love that little boy.


Jacqueline Auna and family said...

That is a great picture of Andrew at the end - it just captures wonder and delight. We miss you guys too!

Michelle said...

what a cute post. Andrew is so awesome. Let's play soon. I'm serious

Momo Cannon said...

I am a weepy momo already. He is growing up so fast. What a delightful boy!

Ashley said...

We also have a defunct chart. I want to hear about the Level Four Boy strategy.

Andrew is a big boy and a real person. How cute that Brig took him to the game. In a few short days you WILL be standing in the airport as he leaves for Korea.

I don't care if life keeps getting better. There are some things, better or worse, that I want to keep as they are NOW.

Nevertheless, our lives pass away as it were like unto us a dream.

Sarah said...

I love that little boy too. Thanks to Andrew, now Benjamin asks to wash his hair every day "like Andrew" and lets me dump water on his head. HUGE strides! :)

Alexandra said...

Ashley, I love that sentiment: "there are some things, better or worse, that I want to keep as they are now." I feel exactly the same way, and I am ridiculous bc I mourn the small changes constantly. I think I am driving Brigham crazy along with me.

Ashley said...

I knew you would like that. That's why I came back to check.

Jenny said...

This was so sweet. I feel the same way about watching my son grow up. It's like you see all of them at once--as a baby, a missionary, a father himself one day. It's weird and it makes me nostalgic for things that haven't even happened yet.

Let's get together soon! I actually called you last week to see about a play date, but we must have missed you.