Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day and Birthday, Brigham

Interview with Andrew re his father:
Q: What makes your daddy happy?
A: Drawinging a love card for him.

Q: What makes Daddy sad?
A: When you don't give him a love card
(editor's note: Andrew did not give his father a love card)

Q: What do you do to make Daddy laugh?
A: Tell jokes like "chicken with pink underwear."
(editor's note: does this mean we should stop laughing at this joke?)

Q: What is Daddy's job?
A: To earn money. (after some more prodding) He's an attorney.

Q: What do you and Daddy do together?
A: Wrestle.

Q: How do you know Daddy loves you?
A: Because I just love him. Because he just loves me.

Interview with Will re his father:
Q: What is Daddy's name?
A: Um, Deebum. Deebum. Yeah.
(Editor's thoughts to self: is that better or worse than Brigham?)

Q: Is Daddy big or little?
A: Little.

Q: Is Daddy funny or mean?
A: Funny!

Q: What do you like to do with Daddy?
A: Jump!

Andrew has taken several opportunities lately to let me know how much his dad means to him. Here is a transcript from a recent coversation:

Me: I miss Daddy.
Andrew: Why?
Me: Becaues I like it when he is here. Don't you miss him?
Andrew: (sadly) Yes, I do.
Puts hand on my shoulder consolingly: I just love him more than you, Mommy.
Then, to clarify: I just like Daddy better than you.

Andrew reported to me tonight on the drive home from my parents' house that he "follows Daddy everywhere." "If he goes upstairs, I go upstairs. If he goes downstairs, I go downstairs. I just want to be with him."

I hope that is a type and shadow of things to come.


Ashley said...

The pictures on this post are the best! I think it's hilarious and sweet that Andrew backpedaled on loving daddy more than mommy and fixed it by only liking him more. At least he cares about your feelings!

Michelle said...

that was so sweet! what a cute idea. i might just copy you....I'm so lame and didn't do any blog for father's day, but maybe now I will. love you girl! we are so excited to see you this weekend! yeah!

Carrie said...

I love watching little boys and their dads.

Luke often informs me that he likes his dad better but prefaces the statement with, "I don't want to hurt your feelings mom but...".

Noah expresses it by crying EVERY day when Nat leaves for work.

I think I still have Isaac though.

Sarah said...

I love the interviews! So funny. Those are some wonderful pictures of Brigham with the boys!

Katie Cannon said...

what a great post I loved it. I miss you guys and I hope you get plane tickets quick. I can't wait to see you it's coming so fast!

Tiana said...

Andrew cracks me up. I did a similar thing. I did an interview on video of Ches about his daddy. I just love the mind of a three year old.

Jacqueline Auna and family said...

I love these interviews! I want to copy you now... You are such a good mom to do this. The pictures of Brigham and his boys are precious.

I'm so happy I got to see you this past weekend!

Alexandra said...

My friend did the interviews of the kids for mothers' day. I just copied a few of the questions for fathers day. She had a great idea. The photo of Brig mowing the lawn with Andrew on his back may be my favorite photo of him ever.

Momo Cannon said...

I am so glad that you do this blog. It is a great insight into the sweetness of these wonderful little boys. Thanks to you and Brigham for being such good parents. We love you! Momo

brooke said...

There is nothing better than your husband mowing the lawn with your son in the backpack--That is dedication.

Alisha said...

It's really sweet that you interviewed Will in addition to Andrew. Cute kids!

Michelle said...

okay, i cant' come up with my own questions to ask damon about his dad, so i'm totally copying me a copy cat, i've been one my whole life.

Alexandra said...

I did not come up with these questions, either. My friend did it with the kids for Mothers day. Why reinvent the wheel?

Gina said...

How wonderfully sweet. I hope you don't take any offense at the liking dad more thing. Dads are more fun because they get to come home and play while moms can get grumpy being there all day. I know that you are a fantastic mom!