Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Home sellers after my own heart

One of my past times, when I am not reading the final words of victims of airline disasters or re-reading Harry Potter for the millionth time, is looking at homes for sale (online) as if I were in a position to buy one right away. (I look both here and Salt Lake; I think I could be an agent.)

Anyway, today I came across a for sale by owner turned sale by agent. After the "agent remarks" on the house that included all the technical details, the owners inserted their own paragraph. The photos they posted featured them with their fellow white-haired companions, eating lunch on the back deck on a warm fall day. They are the only people to have owned the home and they raised their kids there. (I know this from their previous craiglist posting, which also had pulled on my heart.)

We feel it is a terrific place for the right family. It is secluded right in a 1/3 acre lot subdivision, yet such excellent access. When we moved in, the lots were virtually bare; now there are giant tress all around. The back yard is great for kids and adults. We had a wedding back there two years ago. The couple are professional photographers and they took the pictures for our web site. I hope you have checked it out Of course, the deck is an added bonus. There are great views to the front, cul-de-sac and surrounding homes with their colorful landscaping, plus a complete panorama of the back yard. The deck is as handy to serve a meal as the dining room. We have eaten probably 75 % of our breakfasts and dinners out there since April 1st.. It has been plesant even on these very hot days-especially in the morning! This has been a great year for the birds-lots and lots of them, singing and looking for food. We had a beautiful Cardinal couple that ruled the roost out back. They built a nest in the tree under our box bay window and started a family. The egg lasted only a few days; imagine our disappointment.

I want to have them over for dinner. Andrew can show them the bird feeder we made.


Monica Merced Rich said...

It's so addicting, isn't it? Looking for houses? I was looking for two years before we were actually ready/able to buy.

The house looks cute. Dare I ask how much it's going for?

Eliza said...

I love it.

Alexandra said...

That is another thing that made the couple endearing to me: they are asking $550,000. I know that is a ton of money and the house is just some split foyer, but then again, this is Vienna and it is pretty hard to find something like that for that price. Not that I am saying it is a great deal (prob would have sold by now if it were), but it is below what I see most asking prices around here.

I need to move out of this area. Half a million dollars.

Ashley said...

This is so dang funny. My favorite line is "We had a wedding back there two years ago." You know the agent is shaking his head! You know where the house is, right? I think you should drive over there to see the cardinals and shake these people's hands.

Ashley said...

P.S. I love it that you read transcripts from plane crashes. That sounds fascinating. I am forcing myself to not go look for them bc I already have sub par productivity.

Eliza said...

I agree with Ashley, they would probably love it.

Townhomes on my street are going for $500K--the "new" "luxury" ones are upwards of that. Sure, they're new and close to the metro but they are surrounded by a shady (as in scary) apartment complex on one side and a street full of industry (of the garage/storage unit/body shop variety) on the other. So I'd say that $500K could be considered low for this lovely thing!

Kimmie said...

I too LOVE how you read the "black box" transcripts from plane crashes...and my husband spends hours looking at homes for sale online, we are NOT moving, I think it's just an addicting past time for him!