Sunday, September 07, 2008


The downpour on Saturday was incredible, causing actual flooding of roads in downtown Vienna.

Andrew decided it would be fun to put on his boots and go out into the rain. It was a welcome idea; I love playing in the rain, and forcing small children and animals to accompany me while I project my enjoyment onto them. Luckily, this time no projection was needed (for a change).

We jumped over some raging little "waterfalls" in the backyard area and ran through the long stretches of puddles. (I tried not to think of it as run-off).

Mostly we got soaked. I bribed Andrew back out into the rain for a reinactment photo.


Tat said...

I remember actually "swimming" in the rainwater-filled ditch in our front yard after one especially rainy day in Tallahassee. I shudder to think of it now - but what fun it was as a child!

Allie said...

Cute pictures! Rain can be so fun. After our roof is patched on Thursday, I will once again be a fan of rain.

Sarah said...

I love playing in rainstorms! I always thought Virginia rainstorms were crazy, but I think St. Louis might have them beat. I'm a lot more scared to go out into them now.

Andrea, Mrs. said...

I love playing in rain! Those are some of my happiest family times growing up - because usually the power was out and there was no need to be inside. We'd play in the rain. We'd watch the lightening. We'd roast marshmellows in our wood stove. It was good times!

familia Bybaran said...

Very well put. When I used to play in the rain in college, I used to wish I had a small prop, like a child, to make the moment seem more fun--like I was just showing them a good time or something. I love these pictures. When it rains that hard in the summer, getting soaked in it is the only option.