Sunday, September 07, 2008

Beach Trip: Corolla, NC

I was bad about taking photos during our week at the Outer Banks. We had a great time sharing a big, beachfront house with friends. Some of the highlights, of which I don't have any photos, are:

Riding in the waves on a raft with Andrew. My sisters had introduced him to this activity the previous week on the family vacation in North Myrtle. He loved it, and we had a great time expanding on this new-found skill the next week.

Getting in the hot-tub with Andrew. On the Myrtle vacation, Andrew discovered his love of hot tubs. I am reluctant to admit to myself that it may have been his favorite activity at the beach. I suppose his little body really did lose heat quickly in the ocean, so hopefully the hot-tub obsession relates more to that than some tendency toward laziness, but in any event, he always looked forward to capping off the beach day with hours of fun in the hot tub. There was a hot tub overlooking the ocean on the third floor of the beach house.

Reading stories every night with Andrew on the third-floor porch right next to the hot tub. We read Goodnight Moon, Tell Me a Scary Story, and Go Dog Go.

Will falling asleep so easily in my arms on our beach walks.

Will loved crawling around in the puddles I would make for him. He also learned to love baths on this trip.

Nightly rounds of games: speed scrable (Carey dominated), Celebrities, Catch phrase. I am a nerdy games person.

Watching the Olympics.

The Bonfire on the last night (complete with smores), followed by a group reading of Tell Me a Scary Story (But Not Too Scary). All the kids were riveted. The illustrations were a bit scarier and more Freddy Kruegerish than I would have thought a children's book would feature, but it ends well . . . and Andrew did love it.

I would be remiss to omit Andrew's love affair with the two bunk bed sets in our family bedroom. We could barely tear him off the top bunk to introduce him to the other things the beach had to offer. The only way being sent to his room could be a punishment was if I removed the ladder to the top bunk. The Finding Nemo bed spreads only added fuel to the raging fire of Andrew's obsession.

Andrew loved the bigger kids, especially the two 7 year old boys.

It was the perfect way to end our summer.


Tat said...

Looks like an absolutely beautiful trip. Color me jealous.

Monica Merced Rich said...

I have the best memories of family trips to the Outer Banks. It looks like you had a fantastic time.

Allie said...

I love Corolla. We were there in March and we'll be back for Thanksgiving. I try to aim for times of year where I am not needing to endlessly reapply sunblock to squirming, squealling, sandy, and uncooperative children. I also tell them the waters are shark infested and full of jelly fish, so I don't have to worry about them drowning in the ocean. Of course, they don't believe me, even when I have Ben don a shark fin and I play the Jaws Theme song from the shore line.

Troy and Nancee said...

Looks like such a fun trip. I can't believe how much older your boys look since your last post.

Sarah said...

I love the close-up shot of Will! He is growing up so fast. And he already has a ton of hair! The picture of Andrew on the bike is also adorable!
I am so glad you got to take this trip. It looks like you guys had a wonderful time. I love the bonfire pictures with you and the boys. Somehow, we've got to get to the beach next summer. I've really missed it.

Momo Cannon said...

It all looks like so much fun and many good memories. I'm glad you were able to do it. Love, Momo

Ashlee said...

Oh, soooooooo fun!! Your boys are just too adorable, seriously.