Monday, April 21, 2008

This and That: April on Connecticut Ave

Cherry Blossoms like nowhere else

Between session of General Conference on that Sunday, we braved the cold weather to see the blossoms at their peak. It was beautiful. Sam decided to escape the freezing ordeal by slipping into immediate unconsciousness. Is he a fighter? That's the best we've got. Oh well. He reportedly loves Brigham now for carrying him.

The highlight of the month was that Brigham's family (with the exceptions of Momo, a devastating absence for me, and Paul and Claire) was in town last week. Sisters Katie and Abby left on Saturday, and we were so so sad to see them go. Unfortunately, my tech crew (brigham) was unable to rotate the photos I wanted to use, so I was left with the dregs that happened to be rotated the right way. Please note that all subjects are far more attractive in real life. Notables of the trip included:

The Cherry Blossom parade Katie participated in with her high school. The weather would have been perfect had it not rained. But even the rain was at least memorable.
Andrew received his very own hoop in the mail. Words failed him.

Everyone but me and Will went to a Nationals game (feel sorry for them, dear reader, not me. I will choose most things over a baseball game).

Abby, Andrew, Will and I picnicked on pizza on Connecticut Ave before a daunting journey to the Air and Space Museum. This date marks the first time Andrew ate pizza by the slice, rather than by the forkful. Will was the main event at the museum. For me and his aunts, at least. He was in a super mood. Andrew was out cold. Abby punctuated our journeying with comments about street contacting. Another big difference btwn my missionary experience and Abby's: I was relieved upon returning home that I no longer had to engage in these awkward encounters; Abby misses them.

We ate lots of pizza, did lots of walking and I got lots of help from my wonderful little sisters-in-law. (Return to me.)

We knew that Momo was ready for her family to come back when, the night before the girls were to fly out, Katie and Momo engaged in 2 (or 3?) separate phone conversations, all initiated by Momo. They went something like this:

"Hi Katie, what are you doing?"

"Eating dinner."

"Oh, I should let you go. What are you eating?"

An hour later:

"Hi Katie. What are you doing?"

"Eating dessert."

"What are you having?"

"Brownies and ice cream."

"Who made them?"


"Oh. What kind of brownies?"

I realize that this exchange was funnier when told to me in person, but I thought you might get a kick out of it, anyway, Momo.


Tat said...

I miss you so much, Alexandra. I would have loved to see our nation's capital with you.

Lauren said...

The cherry blossoms look so beautiful. This is the first year my kids have missed seeing them in DC! Looks like you guys have had a busy month!!

Momo Cannon said...

Thank you so much for taking care of everyone last week. They really enjoyed the boys and I was terribly jealous that I was not there. Hope it won't be too long before we can visit. Love, Momo

Paul & Sarah said...

We had so much fun with you guys! I'm glad we could see each other at least a couple of days. Benjamin still talks about going to see Andrew, so it's going to have to happen again soon!
About the blog, I finally figured out how to change that, though I tried (and failed) to do it months ago. I just got it off of And it's not that hard. Or at least it wasn't this time when I tried.

melissaandagustinsegurafamily said...

It is so ironic that only a few weeks ago, we froze as we looked at the cherry blossoms and today was such a hot day at the zoo.
We all had such a blast in DC with you today and are looking forward to more adventures with you guys.
I am so excited to spend a fun-filled summer with all of you.