Thursday, April 24, 2008

Morning Mishap

Monday 7:30 a.m.: Will is still asleep, thereby invoking the rule that I get to remain asleep and Brig will get Andrew situated as he prepares to leave for work. Through the haze, I understand Brig to whisper to me that Andrew is watching Sesame Street and he is leaving. The show will end in 20 minutes. Forty minutes later, I walk into the living room to find that the tv did not automatically turn off, as I had thought, when the recorded program ended. Instead, it reverted to whatever happened to be playing on the station it happened to be on. Our tv is usually set to TNT. In the morning, this means Angel, apparently.

In case you don't know, this is an awful spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. yes. Here are some of the characters:

Andrew looked a bit worried. "This is a Mommy show." He reported. "Those are bad people; they were fighting." When I asked him if it scared him, he replied, "Alilbit."

I guess I am just glad Charmed wasn't on.


Tat said...

Angel an awful show? I admit, Season 4 was pretty horrible, but the rest of it is decently entertaining. Not as good as Malcolm in the Middle, of course...

Alexandra said...

Awfully scary for toddlers. We both know the extent to which I want magic to be real. Of course, I used to watch Angel (and Buffy and Charmed). I am Aaron Spelling's target audience.