Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Claire's Baby Blessing Day

We blessed Claire on July 14. We were lucky to have Grandpa Joe, my dad, Uncle Matt and Uncle Mark there to participate.

We were lucky to catch a shot of almost the whole group after church was over.

Claire's blessing dress was a subject that weighed heavily upon my mind for a couple of months. I really wanted to get her an old-fashioned blessing gown with a bonnet, but the ones I loved were way way too expensive, even for my tastes in baby girl fashion. I then decided to go with a gorgeous pink and grey dress I found on sale. But in the end, Brigham assured me that classic white was the best, and that this dress, though purchased at a thrift store before she was born, would be very nice. I somewhat regret that I didn't find an old fashioned gown, but on the spectrum of regrets it is a fairly forgivable one. She looked beautiful.

When Andrew was blessed 7 years ago, Grandpa Joe waltzed around my parents' house looking into every available mirror with Andrew and I have a few cute, funny little shots of them doing this. I thought I ought to catch him at it with Claire, too.
Claire really looks a lot like Andrew did. I especially see it in photographs.
We had everyone over to dinner at our house afterwards, where we ate peach cobbler, cafe rio chicken and fixings and summer vegetable soup. I did everything the night before so it was stress free.
In baby blessing past, Brigham has consulted me about what I wanted him to say. I used to joke that we needed to arrange a live feed from my mouth to his ear. Of course, he really just went with what he felt impressed to say when he was giving the blessing (like that they would be star athletes and wealthy businessmen). I love him especially when he blesses our babies because he is so earnest and thoughtful about it, and it is one of the few occasions on which he gets somewhat emotional. Claire, your blessing was beautiful and your daddy was concerned he wasn't going to make it through without crying. Don't worry, he held it in until he sat down on the pew, still holding you. We love you and I promise I will get the blessing I transcribed out of the kids' notepad in the church bag and record it for you in a more permanent way. Love, Mom


Jenny said...

Alexandra, you look so beautiful and stylish. Claire is adorable too!

Momo Cannon said...

Wish I had been there. Claire is so cute! She does remind me of Andrew. Please give Brigham a hug and kiss from his mom! I love my boy.

Sarah said...

You look great, Alexandra! It sounds like it was a really special day. I've loved reading all your recent posts. Keep 'em coming!
And yes, I think Claire and Lydia definitely need to form a Sumo wrestling team. Hopefully we can get the two chubs together sometime this fall. I know timing is sensitive right now for you, so it's your call. We're fairly flexible!

Monica Rich said...

Great posts, Allie. You really are such s talented writer -- I love the stories you share. I need to be better at recording the every day things.

brooke said...

She is so adorable!!! I didn't even realize you had a baby girl. I am a terrible blogger friend! And you look freaking amazing to have a baby that small and I love your dress. The end.