Friday, March 23, 2012

something is coming between us

Porter is really wonderful in many ways, but sleeping well is not his strong suit. He is currently potty training (against my will) and will be the first child I know to use the toilet before he can 1) sleep through the night, 2) speak in a complete sentence or 3) not acquire half of his calories through nursing. The photo is a little misleading in one important respect, though. That baby is usually cuddled up against me, not Brigham. And he is usually attached. But somehow it doesn't fill me with the despair that Andrew's less-terrible but similar sleeping patterns caused. I guess just because I know it will end pretty soon. I think.


Ashley said...

That is classic. We've only had one kid who liked sleeping with us (Max) and I actually miss it now. I try to get my (big) baby to snuggle in my bed and he won't have anything to do with it. Okay usually I am trying to spring an extra nap on him so I can take one too but still.

brooke said...

This picture is so funny. I came over to your blog to say I love your new profile picture and your hair looks amazing. It was funny to read your hair drama and I think it looks great. My hair and bangs are a constant source of stress for me..ridiculous.

Michelle said...

so cute. but get him outta your bed! ;)